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Oak Planking - GE vs. Gathering


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Hey, I'm back once again, but with a new question! =o I was doing some research yesterday, and noticed that if I want to get 8959 oak planks, it'll cost 3.7m on the GE (way out of my budget). I'm not sure if this is correct, but I also figured out if I cut and plank the oaks myself, it's only going to be about 900k. That's a deal to me. So, assuming my math is correct (please check it!), where is the best place to cut/bank oaks? Second, when planking oaks, is it best to just run the planks from Varrock East Bank to the sawmill myself, or use a butler to do it while keeping my budget cheap? Thanks again guys!

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also, you'd be far better off buying oaks than cutting them, they're like 20gp each. unless you make less than say, 40k an hour, cutting oaks is a bad choice.


Likewise, planking the oaks isn't an especially awesome moneymaker, or so I'm told...it's said to be under 200k gp/hr. Besides that, you don't get any xp for it. You're probably better off buying planks.

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The best method is having coins and noted oak logs. Use the noted oak on your servant while you keep making and destroying oak larders is the way to approach this quickly. The servant fee costs pretty low so...yeah.

Total Level 2247- 11x 99s All Combat Skills, Slayer, Summoning, Woodcutting, Herblore

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I don't mind planking. It's cheap and it's good woodcutting experience.




Here's the easiest way.






1. Finish "Enlightened Journey" Quest, unlock all balloon routes.


2. Cut and bank about 100 willows.


3. Buy/make about 50 rings of dueling.




Very simple. Start at castle wars while wielding an axe and only one willow log and cash in your inventory. Run northeast to the balloon, and tele to lumberyard. There are several oak trees right there, one click northwest from where you land. Cut, then run to the saw, and plank. Duel ring back, bank planks. Grab willow log.




Lather, rinse, repeat.

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