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  1. I am just finally getting around to learning how to hunt Jadinko's. I had a lot of fun searching for my first set; now I'd like to get my second witchdoctor piece! Does the "counter" reset at the same time Penguins do (0:00 GMT Wednesday)? If not, when does it reset? I want to make sure I'm back there just as soon as I can get credit for catching the set.
  2. Will his son be able to beat Michael Jordan in 1 on 1 like Kim Jong-il did? Will he invent the internet and make his lady friends pass out with passion? The incredible semi-unintentional comedy of Kim Jong-il will never be replaced.
  3. The combination of saved time and saved cash makes SC worth it, particularly for smithing and crafting. Battlestave prices are coming back up and the charged orbs are either expensive or brutal to make. I did Fast SC in small doses, alternating with some training. It was really fun!
  4. Ah, that makes sense. I've done floors with that situation a few times, just didn't recognize the terminology. Thanks, all set!
  5. What does this refer to? I see it all the time, but don't get it. H45 S/L means hosting floor 45 something something. Stats? Level? Please asplain. It's not in the advanced dunge guide. Thanks!
  6. Correct; it's not just you, and it's not just Europe; I'm in US and have no login ability.
  7. The real allure to merchanting is that it is a self-propagating element. You can buy en masse and continue to grow your cash pile by similarly proportionate degrees, so a true master could have limitless cash. There are of course increased risks as the stakes get higher, but the exorbitantly wealthy can influence the price of uncommon items with their individual buying/selling actions. It's a flaw inherent to Jagex's exchange system, but I don't believe there's anything illegal about it.
  8. There's no question that PP is awesome experience, but people reporting 220K+ experience are simply exaggerating. Anything north of 200K is most likely an exaggeration. There is literally NO WAY to get 12 games completed in an hour, and I'd be shocked if anyone completes 11, considering the lag associated with logout, time to find the mummy when he moves, and doing stuff such as restoring pray points, getting more food, etc. In each game, people will tell you that you will get 20K+ experience. These people are what we call LIARS. While it is certainly possible to get that in one game, it is absolutely not repeatable. In over 30 rounds of PP at levels 91-92, I have actually NEVER done better that 18K. I've tried checking snakes, not checking, skipping the boxes, getting some from 81+91 floors, focusing on getting everything from 91, etc. Absolutely no way people are consistently pulling 200K+. Additionally, the game is currently broken. The frequency that the door to the next room rotates has been increased significantly, meaning it is VERY common that by the time you check all four doors, the correct door has moved. I've actually had to check -7- doors on one floor before moving on. Think about that. Yuck. I despise thieving. That being said, I think you did a very nice job with your guide. Some people go completely crazy on level of detail, but there are no major flaws here. 8/10.
  9. No, I would like to remove people whom systematically go out of their way to make the entire board a bad place to be. We have plenty here, and it is the reason why there are so many "Why is this place so miserable" threads.
  10. Do you honestly feel that my claims are off the mark, unfair, or unwarranted? I think this your post here is what you'd term "Baiting", right? There's nothing coincidental about my statement. Folks like yourself are simply not called on the carpet despite the fact that you continually look for threads to sour and people to upset. There is also nothing ironic about my statement. Would you like me to take fifteen minutes to search the archives for the plentiful examples of TIF trolls needlessly assaulting posters simply trying to add their honest input? -Edit- Obtauran, the fact that you jumped on to further incite flames only cements my point.
  11. There's really no accident here; TIF has been completely flooded by clowns who consider "condescending, elitist, mean" as characteristic qualities of intelligence, and "supportive, gregarious, pleasant" as the traits of the weak and the stupid. The trolls on this board are COMPLETELY UNCHECKED, and toe the line that separates berating the community or just being a general pest from technically breaking the rules. Until these people are finally just removed once and for all (and it is no secret to anyone in moderation, administration, etc. who they are), the board will continue to trend towards being a more vile and generally caustic environment.
  12. Cheap alternative to Duel war is using the Daemonheim ring to get back to bank there. It's a little bit slower, but helps the poverty-stricken.
  13. You can sell back almost all of your granite lobster scrolls to Bogrog and do quite well on shard recycling. Don't forget that you'll quite often reuse them to make MORE granite lobbies. If you plan to really spend a lot of time fishing keep at least 100 because they are a short-lasting familiar and are quite useful. I believe only the green-based charms can be resold for a better rate than the bogrog re-buy. Obviously items with expensive seconds (war tortoises, titans, etc.) are also profitable to sell, but most people only make those to use (exception = geyser titan). Either way, summoning is going to be expensive, any way you shake it.
  14. What is the speed of the ZS? It seems to be significantly slower than the whip, which certainly limits its effectiveness as a melee weapon.
  15. EEE is -absolutely not- better than the SGS. That's ridiculous, unless you're speaking on a value basis. I own both and the EEE has nowhere near the offensive nor healing ability of the SGS. That said, now is not the time to buy the SGS. It has been in free-fall since the 4th of July, as the EEE is free and is a good alternative to it (again on a value basis). Wait for the price to at least stabilize (if not start rising); you'll likely only have to pay 30M or so for it. The DFS is good if you don't have the herblore for super antifires and want to slay metals. I still enjoy it as a cool item and overall it is a much better balance of atk/def bonuses than the rune defender. Similarly, it has been in decline for a while. Wait until the market starts to turn before you buy; it gives you more time to think about it and you're essentially making money on total bank value until the item free-fall stops.
  16. I certainly understand your point and can sympathize with the plight of the mods, having struggled to control a few unruly boards in my day as well. That said, if the existing rules create an environment everyone agrees is unpleasant, hostile, or just generally drives away quality members, why can't the rules be changed to eliminate those who ultimately seek only to bring destructive content to the board? Any change to rules would understandably be met with complaints, but I'd be hard pressed to say that the current rule set allows for effective governance.
  17. This is where you lose me. Trolls on these forums are not opinionated intellectuals simply offering a contrary viewpoint. Trolls are those who throw rocks behind a thin veil of their posts being "not personal" despite their every word dripping with sarcasm and vitriole. Trolls are the baiters, the snipers, the pot stirrers who offer not a contributing counterpoint but rather a touch of reference to the original post and then a stream of scathing assaults. It happens here with incredible regularity, and it makes an otherwise wonderful forum ugly.
  18. Unfortunately, it's a hell of a lot easier to criticize someone else than it is to bring valuable insight to a conversation. This has become the basis of these boards. People want to look intelligent but can't bring any discussion to the table, so they just cherry pick something they don't like and berate it. It's both venomous and highly contagious, and these forums will remain stained by the scarlet "T" until the powers that be just stop allowing these derelicts to poison the well from the periphery of the written rules and just start banning the legions of absolute jerks who exist solely to make others angry. Unfortunately, I have seen zero evidence that leads me to believe any action will be taken against these sniping, spineless cowards.
  19. This is gonna be way out there, but I have a lot of fun playing.
  20. Overall the game is better. Dungeoneering, while not for everyone, is a pretty fun skill to play with. The rewards, in the forms of chaotic weapons (amongst MANY others) are fantastic. Access to new content including frost dragons (which take the bite out of prayer training) and effigies make for easier skill training as well. I am sure some would disagree, but on the whole it's been positive.
  21. Set miscellania to herbs and use all of your herbs. There's still a big net loss in total value since you COULD sell those herbs, but when they ultimately cost you so little, it won't hurt nearly as bad to just use them and harvest loads of exp. I'm 91 herby now almost exclusively from miscellania, and have the herbs for 93-94.
  22. This thread begs the question of whether or not players will accept fantasy land. You certainly couldn't remove things like trade limits, the GE, or the new wilderness system without bringing with it a higher degree of real world trading and the associated garbage. I'd love the removal of trade limits... but don't want to be completely blocked from Blue and Green dragons by autoers. I'd love the old graphics... but don't want them ALL the time! Certainly the new graphics, on the whole, make for a better experience. I'd love the flexibility of reintroducing the wilderness... but don't want to live in a world with lurers, scammers, etc. Overall the vast majority of changes have been favorable. Certainly, I could do without a lot of the newer content, but there isn't much new stuff that really impinges on my experience playing the game. I will say that Revenants have no good place in all of Gielenor. Blech.
  23. Accomplishments and pleasant surprises are fun. Pleasant surprises include rare monster drops (which generally feel near-nonexistent to me, making them all the more satisfying), surprise levels, seeing old friends online to chat, finishing a hard quest, ranging some faces off in stealing creation, or collecting shattered heart rocks (RIP this D/D; not making a second statue).
  24. This is a fair statement. Essentially EVERYONE works for the Wiki, although the information there cannot generally be trusted for RIGHTNOW updates. On the other hand, the nature of them provides first touch to all truly new updates. Tip It does a nice job of publishing guides and databases as soon as the content is noticed, cited, and verified. The downside is it is a bit slower, the upside is that it is generally more reliable info.
  25. It's always relative. Just have fun; you will have plenty of adventure at level 100 where you still feel inadequate. So long as you're having a good time, your level is irrelevant.
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