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Avianse tank setup/invent


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Yo, tanking at avi's for the first time tomorow, Just wanted to list my set up, make sure it was suitable.


Armadyl Helmet




Sara d'hide




Rune cbow w/ broad bolts


Zammy book


Torag legs


Snakeskin boots


RoL/Wealth (neither will be needed really, but cant afford archers yet)


Black vambs




Should be okay, untill I can afford the better version of some of those things (ranger boots etc)




Now what about my Invent? What food? How many B2P tabs? Should I bring any familiars, and if so, what, and if so, what about summoning pots?




Any help is massively appreciated =]

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You might wanna replace the arma helm with a torags helm since you have only 70 def. For the armadyl item, use armadyl pendent. And replace the zammy book with a granite shield or an obby shield(use zamorak bracers for zammy item).


Archer ring and ranger boots are just a waste of money in my opinion. They dont make that much of a difference( maybe about 3 or 4% more accuracy) and their prices are sky-high.


Ring of wealth doesnt have any effect on adament bar drop count so it's up to you. I just put a duel ring in my ring slot so i can teleport out of place without having to bring a tab.




This is my usual gear when im tanking at avs.


Torag's helm


Accumulator Armadyl pendent Broad bolts


Rune crossbow Zamorak hide-top Granite shield


Torag's platelegs


Saradomin bracers Snakeskin boots Duel ring




As you can see I dont have a bandos item. This is not a problem. There is absolutely no bandos monsters in the armadyl eyrie( main camp). You need a mithril grapling hook( rope attached) and 70 ranged to get in there.




This is my basic inventory: 100 bones-to-peaches, 100 nats, 1002 fire runes, 2 laws, mithril grapling-hook, 16 sharks, 5 ranging potions.


You need 2 fire runes and 2 laws for the trollheim tele. If you havent done the quest you have to take a long walk wearing climbing boots. It is strongly recommended you do the quest tho.


For the food, use the best food you can. You can totally ignore the price because you will pay it back off at the avs. You will be making a lot of money here each trip.


I can assure you will never run out of nats as the avs drop them. So just bring enough fire runes for alches.


I like bring ranging potions so i can speed up the first 2 hours of killing or so. It really helps but it's totally up to you.


The amount of btp is up to you. The more tabs you have the longer you will last. I can make a guess you wont last more than 40 hours a trip because your barrows armor will be at 0 after 8 hours of combat. You will be fighting about 1/4th of the time there.




Summoning doesnt really help unless you can use a bunyip or a unicorn stallion. A bunyip heals you 2 hp every 15 seconds, so its about 240 hp healed every hour, saving about 3 or 4 btp tabs. This isnt a big deal so dont worry about bringing a familiar. You'll be fine without one.




Oh, and also bring a rope with you. You will need it to get down the dungeon since this is your first time. The rope will stay there forever once you've put it there so you dont need to bring more ropes in your later trips.




Good luck :thumbsup:

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