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Im dying for no reason!!!


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This is a SUGGESTION not a bug.




When I was in the fight caves, my health boosted above max, and i was killing a 360 with prayer i suddenly took 1 damage. This damage was because I was over the max hp and it was restoring its self. Now this should be changed. I am not sure but does prayer boots like with an ancient mace lower automatically? The answer is no (?) so shouldn't hp not drain like that?




Pureprayer, you're awesome.
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Only summoning and prayer don't self restore, but hp does. Restoring means slowly moving towards the base level over time, but that can be in either direction. Hp is no different from other restoring skills, and so it naturally moves towards the base level.




You aren't taking damage, as such. You're just gradually losing the boost from the potion.

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Waaait, if you're over the max hp you get hit for 1s?




Too my knowledge, hp is supposed to automatically restore itself, but prayer does not. This is from my experience with Oo'glog pools.

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Now let's think... Summoning and prayer do not get lowered automatically when they are above max. Why? Because they do not gradually restore to max. Wether you like it or not, all skills besides summoning and prayer always want to go to their true level. Unless, you want hp to not restore at all, so you can run around with higher leveled hp for a little longer?




In short, if hp were to stay boosted, it wouldn't be able to automatically regenerate. It's just how the programming works.







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