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Avansies are good XP. Use full void, throwing rings, +10% range prayer. I can top out at close to 60k per hour, roughly what I get at yaks, while making 500k+ per hour.


Drops: 1x Draconic Visage, 56x Abyssal Whip, 5x Demon Head, D Drops: 37, Barrows Drops: 43, DK Drops: 29

GWD drops: 14,000x Bars, 1x Armadyl Hilt, 2x Armadyl Skirt, 4x Sara Sword, 1x Saradomin Hilt, 8x Bandos Hilt, 8x Bandos Platebody, 9x Bandos Tassets, 4x Bandos Boots, 43x Godsword Shard, 82x Dragon Boots

Dry streak records: Saradomin 412 kills Bandos 988 kills Spirit Mages 633 kills - Slayer Sucks

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Dust devils




93-99 Range=




The extra 3m is an approximate number of coin drops/alch's I got












Safespot is where I'm standing, you can get up to 4 dust devils stuck on that corner at once




Exp: 35k-45k/h with bronze knives


Don't take a long of damage


Easy to safespot


Lots of alchs


Chance of a chain


Don't need range pots


Come to #tip-it on Swift IRC, if you're cool

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