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Is this "Pure" fixable?


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Hey guys, A while back I made a pure but decided it was not what I wanted so I continued train Def and Attk like normal just recently I've decided that I may want to try Again but I'm not if his stats will allow. Ill post em here and hopefully someone can give me some advice.




Attack - 65


Str - 69


Def - 56


Range - 71


Pray - 38


Mage - 64


Hits - 69




Combat - 79




What I was thinking was keeping def at 56, training Att to 70 than str to 85+ with Range and mage.




Thanks in advance to anyone that can give some insight.

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your way past rune pure lvl (45 def)




so your options are basically, max att/str and get 70 def, or max everything, dont pk, or make a new account.


32,606th to 99 magic || 15,388th to 99 dungeoneering || 12,647th to 99 farming

14,792nd to 99 range || 24,954th to 99 herblore

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99 def 99 range for tank


70 def 90 atk 99 with 94 magic for veng would be decent.

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