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  1. Man its been YEARS since I started this thread, an quite a while since I even posted on tip.it forums, nice to see this how this game got so big. I still remember back when it was in alpha for like 10 bucks lol
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUL8_w9cLEw
  3. Horaay Beer! Cider is also nice from a pub
  4. demby123


    That engine is in and running now... And then I got it dirty
  5. demby123


    Haven't posted here in ages... Anyways, the 86 will be getting a new engine soon to replace the one I wore down with agressive autocrossing.... 4age bigport 7 rib with yamaha 600r bike carbs and megajolt ignition. Almost fully rebuilt by yours truely using a mix of toyota and aftermarket parts. HOPEFULLY I don't mess up the break in... Not done yet though....
  6. demby123


    Remember kids, lowered cars and rice pipes don't mix.
  7. Although I'm a low prayer pure, I'd quickly vote no, as old school click methods were much faster than the modern Offer All option.
  8. Should say "zamorak page 1/2/3/4" if not examine it EDIT: Right after I posted this I got this from a rock crabs clue. :D Double EDIT:Finally got my zammy book, and it only took bank.
  9. thank god they're coming back... the street price on cosmics are silly
  10. If it were any other page i'd buy it from you :/Is page 2 the most common or something?
  11. Wow is it really that empty there....? you'd think most mains would be fishing there.
  12. This is why I should just leave clues from blue drags on the ground.... I guess i'll stash this in my bank for the 10% chance I'll become a mystic pker some day
  13. Can we at least wait until the end of the summer break to say oldschool is dead...?
  14. Someone should really just set up a good clan chat for alternative pk worlds and to get dms/risk fights/ect. I personally love dm's but I don't have many friends who are also pkers and random kids always pull something funny. BTW for those looking for other worlds to pk in, try w6 and w9. As a pure I find a lot of people on these worlds at times and there's a LOT less lag compaired to w2.
  15. Just implement the single combat update and call it a day.
  16. Then the issue is with weapons which can put out obscene amounts of damage in a given time, not with the actual mechanics of the wilderness. We can't change the weapons without throwing all sorts of things off. We can add a small 5 second timer after you've killed someone and that only delays rushers, who can still nearly 1 hit you . The "in combat" update in single way combat was long overdue though. You shouldn't be able to attack multiple foes/attack people while they're attacking something, plain and simple.
  17. Yep were you the pure with S L 3 V 3 N doing DT?I saw him a few days later at catherby fishing lol... small world.
  18. One needed tweak that should've always been in game is the single combat update that made it so if you were attacking something, you were considered in combat. And I'd rather have a PJ timer, but i don't think it'd be voted in.
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