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A great idea!!!!!!!!!


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Story plot


Larko the Fisherman is infamamis whale fisher in the village of Rellekka and just recentely made a huge discovery to the fishing community. He disovered a new fishing spot that contians whales and giant squid just north of miscellania and etceteria, and has decided to allow people to travel on his boat to this spot to try a hand at catching these massive beasts.






82 fishing


6 people


Fremennik Trails Quest completed.




Suggested Skills:


A team with at least 2 people who have at least 30 construction.


95 fishing is required to catch whales.




This mini game is setup like trawler (but different in a few unique ways). The basic setup is a team of 6 people are on one boat specailly fitted to kill whales and giant squid. There are a total of 4 harpoon guns to allow a max of 4 whales or squid to be hunted at one time. The other two people (a max of 3) are down below the decks of the ship at hand to fix any damage that may happen to the ship on this dangerous voyage.




Using the harpoon and killing




Now at the beggining of the game your team will be on top deck of the ship with the 4 harpoon guns loaded and waiting to be fired. This means a maxium of 4 people can be firing the harpoon guns and a minium of 3, it should also be noted that when you are in game there will be 6 boxes above of your chat box and they will display one of your teammates name, these can be used to pm players conviently during the minigame. I will now explane how to kill a whale or a giant squid. When you man a harpoon gun a screen will pop and a a random mixture of whales and squid will appear. There will only be a maxium of 5 whales or squid on the screen at one time. Firing the harpoon is simple, a crosshair similiar to the one in the random event where you must use the claw to capture the evil twin sister, will appear on your screen. Next to the screen there should be a box that pops up and it should display four arrow keys (up, down, left, right.) and a button that says FIRE. The arrow keys as you may have guessed control which direction your crosshair moves and the fire button shoots the harpoon.


On the screen there will be 2-3 (depending if there are 4 harpooners in total or not) other crosshairs. These crosshairs are red and yours is black. These other crosshairs are your teamates crosshairs, this will allow you to see what whale or squid they are attempting to attack or are already attacking and will help you determine what whale to attack to help kill it.


Killing a whale requires 4 hits with the harpoon to die and squid require 3. If you happen to shoot and miss the target you will have to wait 5 seconds to reload the harpoon. If you hit the target you still have to wait 5 seconds to reload the harpoon. When a whale or squid dies it takes 30 seconds for a new whale or squid to respawn.




Repair and Bailing




Down below the decks is far from peaceful, while team mates from above deck are firing at the whales and squid, the players below the deck are fixing up holes and bailing out water from the enraged beasts thrashing about.


The equipment for bailing and patching can be found in a chest down in the hull where the players repairing a bailing are. Inside the chest are planks, nails, hammers, and buckets. To fix a hole a player must use his or her plank on the hole. Sounds simple enough right? It gets more compicated. The hull will not recieve any holes until the first harpoon has been fired after that holes will apear 10 seconds after the next one. The hull can have up to 8 holes in it at once and the more holes there are the faster the water will flood the boat.


This is where construction really plays its role, players with 1-29 construction can expect a repair to last 10 seconds before it will break. Players with 30-39 construction can expect a repair to last 12 seconds, players with 40-49 can expect 14 second repairs, 50-59 16 second repairs, 60-69 18 second repairs, 70-79 20 second repairs, 80-89 22 second repairs, 90+ can expect 24 second repairs.


Bailing water is accomplished by clicking your bucket and using it on the water that is sitting in the boat. A progress bar will appear when you are in the hull showing how much water is in the boat. When the bar is completely filled the boat will sink.




Rewards and conclusion




A game lasts about 10 minutes before the boat returns to port. When the boat finally does return the players are ejected from the boat and appear on the dock where Larko the fisherman is. Players MUST talk to Larko to recieve the experience and the reward.








For every whale that is caught you recieve 500 fishing expierence and for every squid you recieve 250 expierence.


For every hole that is repaired you recieve 50 expierence for 29 and below construction plus 50 added every 10 levels, for example 30-39 gets 100, 40-49 gets 150 and so on and so forth. The experience is divided among your personal score, except for fishing everyone gets a part of the fishing. It should also be noted that at any time you may switch roles while on the boat. So a person harpooning could request (using the pm system mentioned at the beggining of the thread) to go to the hull and a person in the hull can request to go top deck and harpoon.


*NOTE* I set it up so that you actually have to patch holes to gain experience because otherwise it would become too easy to get construction expierence. The reason why fishing expierence is given to everyone is because they earned the expierence too because without them the boat would sink and there would be no oppertunity to kill whales or squid.








When you talk to Larko he will fill your inventory with (Some rewards are negotiable because they require new uses, but some rewards like whale meat, are not)


Whale parts:


Whale eyes, Whale meat, Whale tongue, and Whale blubber.


Squid Parts:


Squid eye, squid tenticles, and squid meat.




The cool thing about these rewards are they open up new ideas for Herblore and Fire Making. It would also provide new cooking expierence oppertunities. Whale eyes sound like potion ingredients don't they? Whale blubber could be used for a new lamp or maybe it could make oil for regular oil lamps that won't burn out when it falls in water. The whale meat could heal 24 or 25 and would require at least 93 cooking. The Squid meat would heal 18 and would require 74 cooking. Cooking expierence I am going to leave to jagex to figure out.








If the boat sinks while at sea, you lose all fish and do not recieve any expierence for the trip. You wash up on the beach with the rock crabs and will have to make your way back to Larko to retry the minigame.




I realize this sounds a lot like trawler, but i think it has very interesting game qaulities that seperate them. If you notice anything that doens't fit tell me ill fix it, i rewrote this at 3:32 in the morning so there is bound to be errors.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




I got a second Idea for the boat.




I think there should be a boat for 99 only fisherman, 6 people per boat and the only difference is there are only whales to harpoon and during the last 3 minutes of the game a giant cracken appears and you must kill it to get the bonus expierence. If you fail to kill it in the last three minutes a cutscene will take place of your boat fleeing the thrashing cracken.




Notes on the cracken


10 hits to kill the cracken


10,000 fishing expierence as an added bonus to your final score for killing it.


A random chance at getting the head of the cracken as a trophy. (Larko will provide the taxidermy services if desired)




The game play stays the same, when the cracken appears all whales swim off (even the ones your are killing). There will be a message that appears in your chat box warning you 1 minute ahead that the cracken is coming.




Battling the Cracken




The cracken takes 10 hits of the harpoon to kill it. Down below the hull, when the cracken arrives all water is shaken out of the hull by the force of the cracken and 8 wholes are formed. It is up to the Repairers to quickly fix the holes before the water floods the boat. After the first 8 holes are repaired the cracken will create 2 holes ever 10 seconds. If all 8 holes are not repaired within 30 seconds two holes will start forming 10 seconds after 30 seconds have passed. The construction level patching bonuses apply as normal.




Well these are all my ideas sorry for the long thread, like I said above, tell me what you would improve upon or tell me about your concerns with how the game works. Thanks for reading! :thumbsup:



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The idea of 'reviving' fishing with a new mini-game is good. A whales mini game- yep, still good.






Only a few problems-


    [*:4bs8h0ta]25 Hp is a bit too much.
    [*:4bs8h0ta]Your mini-game is way too similar to Fishing-Trawler, you should change it.
    [*:4bs8h0ta]You should add a story-line or a plot behind it, just like most (or all, not sure) other mini games. Good examples would be Barbarian Assault, Burgh de rott, Pest Control, etc.


If you fix these, I don't see why not supporting it :).










A side note: You should have some spaces, and shorten up your sentences to make everything easier to read. To tell you the truth, when I first entered and saw how messed up everything looked I almost pressed the 'previous' button, but then decided to give it a read. Some people wouldn't. Good luck ;) .

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Not much I can say except...




Whaling was banned in Real Life for a reason.. :shame:




Yeah, so was taking a blunt object and whacking someone over the head and killing them for 3gp and some bones. Doesn't stop me from doing it on RS.

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Not much I can say except...




Whaling was banned in Real Life for a reason.. :shame:




Yeah, so was taking a blunt object and whacking someone over the head and killing them for 3gp and some bones. Doesn't stop me from doing it on RS.


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Not much I can say except...




Whaling was banned in Real Life for a reason.. :shame:




Yeah, so was taking a blunt object and whacking someone over the head and killing them for 3gp and some bones. Doesn't stop me from doing it on RS.






Lol touché.

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I think that this is a decent idea. :thumbup:


Bit too close to the fishing trawler idea though.


What about cooking levels for the fish? And what about burning them? Some of the higher level fish take until like lvl 99 to stop burning.. bearing that in mind the whales and squid would almost certainly be burned?


I like the idea of maybe the giant squid eye in lanturns... And all those herblore ideas




With the kracken(or other beast that you come up with) you should have like a throphy that can be put in your house, or maybe one of the krackens rings could be a reward, and it could be used with the skillcape in some way? Around the neck?




Keep up the good work.

Yes. Im a low level F2P, but its ok because Jesus loves me




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Erm... Fishing doesn't need improving, it is fine the way it is.


obviosuly you have not taken fishign to the 90s



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Not much I can say except...




Whaling was banned in Real Life for a reason.. :shame:




But in Runescape, the whales are merely pixels and nothing more ;)




As for the topic. Sounds too much like fishing trawler. And 4-6 people can catch whales since when?




Unless you are saying you pick the 4-5 people you get to fish would.


Main: Snw rifleman - FINISHED DESERT TRESURE 11/5/08 WOO


Just your typical asian who likes to play games =)

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Erm... Fishing doesn't need improving, it is fine the way it is.


When was the latest update to fishing? Monkfishes? That's a lot of time ago! Fishing *needs* an update!


That's why I don't like saling wont come, because of making whalers (and other fishing ships, like your own trawler :o ) at high sailing levels, but meh, sailing wont come in the near future, and this is an awesome update to fishing! I only think you should get something from that kraken, like kraken's blood or some other herblore ingredient. Support!

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