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Easter Event?


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Hello, I have stucked.




Quest diary says:


<...> son asked me to stop impling worker complaining about a broken machine




Id I trying to talk with implings, manager starts talking about E.P.P


If I trying to talk with son, he says I need to tal with impling worker


I have takken blueprints.


If I trying to find something in box, it says I need to talk with son.




What should I do now?

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I guess I am stupid, but I cant find any Imp, who can talk with me...


There is 2 imps with "Talk to", but it still starting talking with imp manager. And 3 imps who dont have talk option. And I cant find any more imps on that stupid room

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Talk to the imp by the INCUBATOR.


Edit: He's right in front of the broken incubator.



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