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Earth Impling

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No I dont have a picture..i didnt think it was that big of a deal at the time...but later on i checked the guide to see what they loot...so yeah well I also checked some other websites and they do state that they drop harralander seeds, is that proof enough for you? friendo.....if not, then I guess it's just tip.it's loss for an incorrect website ;)




and yes, i am sure it was an earth impling and not a nature one...since I cant even catch those yet

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I was bored and I decided to check on this for you.




I went hunting for the Earth ones to test it out and so far, haven't gotten those seeds. I also did some research on the sites that also list Harralander seeds as loot. So far, the only ones I can find are RuneScape Wiki and Zybez. Since one of those sites can be edited by anyone, I can't be sure it's accurate. Sal's and RuneHQ didn't have them listed.




I think a proof screen shot would be needed, but it's kind of hard to prove a negative. It certainly isn't easy to get them as a drop.




...and Roderiquez, try not to take it personally. If they find out they're wrong, the crew will update the website. There are lots of things for them to sort through...lots submitted by users just like you and me. It's okay for people to be skeptical, but if you're patient, you'll probably get to see your name among the credits of the guide or the item!

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I'm an avid impling hunter (d imps ftw) and can't say I've ever gotten that loot. Won't dispute it, but I'll be sure to screenie if I do get some. Will post regarding this if something changes.

- Speedyshel


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A crewbie has confirmed this, it will be corrected shortly. Thanks.




EDIT: It's been released. Thanks for your submission :)


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