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agility question


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By the looks of it your 45 Agility so I would either go to the Barbarian Outpost or Brimhaven Agility Arena. I did Brimhaven from 40-52.




From 52 you best bet is the Wild course. Do that until your around 70-75 then switch to Ape Atoll (you stop failing at 75)




And at 80, I don't know much about it but the Dorgesh-Kaan Course is good people say.

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Since I see you're level 49 agility now, the best for you is to grab an agility potion, and head up to the Wildy course. You only need to pot to enter the course, and you don't fail that much really. I got up from 49-61 via wildy course (the other 3 levels have been from quests). I'd bring a slash weapon (or a knife), your best d'hide, weight reducing clothes (boots of lightness, spotted/spottier cape, and/or penace gloves), and some cakes for food. If you're too scared of revs (which really aren't that big of a deal to me, as it's just a simple world hop if they try to attack you), you can try a PvP world, and you won't have to worry about revs, and only a rare PvPer.

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