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My laptop fan is really loud, so I downloaded Speedfan. It said my temperatures were REALLY high, like high as in core temperature was 93 degrees celsius, so I blew into the fan compartment to try to clear out dust, but it made this really weird noise and it looked like something that wasn't dust came out. I didn't want to do it again to find out... Was that bad? I left it overnight and now it's a lot quieter and my temperatures are almost normal, but it seemed like blowing into it was a bad idea? Should I stick to doing that or buy compressed air?




EDIT: I just noticed it's blowing air out of it now, I don't think it was doing that before? Or at least I didn't notice it.

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Clearing some of the dust in that thing was definitely the right thing to do. Only thing is that I remember my laptop fans sucking air in to keep the core cool, but if it's keeping your machine cool enough, then it should be alright.

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You should still bring it to a computer shop to make them clear the dust, opening a laptop is not as easy as opening a desktop to get the dust out of them.

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