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Quick waterskin question


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So if you're right, 22 waterskins can last me 2 hours and 56 mins?




Longer, if you refill them with Humidify or with cacti.

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If you have access to the enchanted water tiara (after Dealing with Scarabas quest), this is an awesome help. You just put water runes into it and it will give you a huge number of charges, saves alot of space in inventory. Not sure if this is what you were looking for though. ::'



Drops/Clue Finds:

Shield left half: 1,Dragon plateskirt: 1, Warrior's Helm: 1, Obsidian Cape: 1, Robin Hood Hat: 1, Dragon Platelegs: 1, Dragon Boots: 4, Amulet of Ranging: 1

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