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  1. Yes it is. Now, that's not taking into consideration that if you're Slaying, you could be incredibly lucky and get 5 whips in a task. Then that'd be the best money maker. However, in terms of a constant stream of revenue, Runecrafting is the best. Now, Djay has a great method for you. However, it all really depends on what you like the best. Personally, I hated crafting Astrals, so I ended up doing - Astrals to 84, Natures to 85, ZMI to 91. Now, I hated ZMI, but it was ~2x faster than the other methods, and I was on a time limit to get 91 (needed it by the end of 2009), so that's what I ended up doing. Ultimately, it comes down to what you like, because you're going to be spending an extremely long time going from the bank to the altar, over and over again. So try everything out before you rule out a method. And finally, don't completely rule out ZMI. It may be less profit per hour, but I still experienced ~300k profit per hour between 85-91, while getting 50-55k xp/hour. So you will be making money from it, with some really fast experience. And yes, you can get to the 90s during the Summer, just don't stop training it! Awesome, thanks so much!
  2. Thanks guys!! Really appreciate your input. Looking forward to getting going on this any making some money! :wink:
  3. Wow, this gave like no help to the OP :roll: The best advice I can give to you is to try out ranging and maging and see which one works better for you. I personally like maging them. Since I am higher combat now though, meleeing is a lot faster. Like someone said above, use chaos gauntlets and give it a try. I really wouldn't cancel them if I were you. :razz:
  4. Over the summer, I am going to have alot of free time and am planning on getting my runecrafting up at least into the low 90's. Would prefer 99, but I don't think ill be able to take that much LOL. If I play around 6 hours a day, do you think this goal will be possible over a couple of months? I am doing this mainly for the money, so what rune do you think I should make? Thanks for help!! <3:
  5. Funny, I have never noticed that! I'm going to look more into it and post here if i find something. :grin:
  6. You can always renew with another pouch, but depending on what kind of familiar, this might be kind of expensive. :wink:
  7. It really depends on how long your trip lasts there. If you are one who can stay a while, then I wouldn't bother with them because the dragon bones are worth so much more. But if your trips are short (like mine :wink: ) then I would defenitely take what you can.
  8. Dont get 99 Firemaking unless its to get a trim on your cape.... its the lamest and most boring skill... Actually, I am happy with my firemaking cape. It looks nice and not many people wear it (or have it because it is very boring lol), but its worth getting. I'm happy that I got it. :grin:
  9. This is what I do. Its quick banking. :grin:
  10. There is no reason why someone with lower than 80 defence can't train slayer.
  11. I would defenitely spend it on herblore due the the price of it, especially now that everyone is trying to get it up. Slayer is slow, but its easy experience. :^_^:
  12. LOL nice way to put it! Hehe :^_^:
  13. I'm not sure of an exact drop rate, but I don't think they are all that rare. I think you are just a bit unlucky. I got one on my first task of iron dragons in there. And I think of myself as one of the most unlucky players in the game :^_^:
  14. You could easily make one if you can't buy on ge. All you need is 49 smithing to make lantern (steel bar) and 49 crafting to make lens molten glass + glassblower). Fill it by using one swamp tar on a lamp oil still, then using the lantern on the still. Sort of a long process, but it will never burn out. There is a still in the chemists house in rimmington. :wink: You can also buy in Dorgesh-Kaan in Miltogs Lamp's shop, there is also a still next to him so you can fill the lantern you get here also with one swamp tar. <3:
  15. Rs wiki rates it speed at 7, whereas a GS is rated 6 and a whip is 4. So it isn't that good against random monsters but it rocks against dagannoths. It's speed is a bit slow, but the high hits on dag's makes up for it. I hit in the upper 40's during the quest. I haven't gone back to try it out again, but it is a really nice reward. :grin:
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