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morrigan javs?


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do they disapear like other javs?




i know it might be a dumb question but i didnt want to spend 40k on something that disapears




also the discription of the special doesnt make any sense to me, can someone explain it a little clearer?

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I'm F2P so I dunno how these work, but hopefully this helps:




http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Morrigan's_javelin[/url]":1aqxxgr7]Morrigan's javelin is part of the Morrigan's equipment, obtained from killing another player on PvP worlds. It was released on 15 October 2008 during the PvP worlds update. It appears in two versions: "regular" and corrupted.




If used on PvP worlds, the "regular" javelin (78 Ranged required), will break like normal Ranged ammunition. Meanwhile, the corrupted version (20 Ranged required) will break every time it is thrown.




Only the normal version javelin has a special attack called Phantom strike which "inflicts continuous damage in the same way that poison does". The Special attack is a 50% drain, so you can use it twice. This damage is faster than poison, and may be stacked with poison damage. This extra damage will hit 5s on the opponent every 2 seconds until it adds up to the initially dealt damage (for example, 35, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5. Another example, 15, 5, 5, 5) The special attack only works on players; the game will not allow you to use it on a monster.


^ Blog.


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