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Rate me now :p

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10/10 almost all 99s in combat skills grats on 1900 total \'




Ty, it's been my goal for a long time to get 99 str def att pray hp magic ranged summon :P Now I can soon say that only prayer and summon left...

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Congrats :-#


good luck with last few levels of both 99's :D


8/10 ;)


[hide=]24x Dboots/28x Whips/6x Dbows

50+ Dk drops

99 Cooking achieved 25th of Janurary #52114 to 99.

99 Hunter achieved 21st Feburary #7216 to 99.

99 Defence achieved 7th July #48009 to 99.

99 Hitpoints achieved 5th August #60299 to 99.

99 Attack achieved 14th August #70001 to 99.

99 Strength achieved 2nd September #100069 to 99. [/hide]

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