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  1. more than half a year since my last post . . .so ya new skill I want to get 70 in it so I can be 70+ all skills again but how long that take in f2p, i could get members for a month maybe if its faster.
  2. you got another 1 of my 99s your gona copy me with craft and con tooo I bet and fletch last to be cool right?
  3. cool man you got 1 of my 99s your grinding hard
  4. Ok so I used to be worth like 800M then I was happy about being worth 1B about a month or 2 ago and with partyhats being extinct and on the mega rise im now at 1400M worth I will be 2.1B soon and I will make another Rate This :twisted:
  5. Very nice im saving this from page 2 this deserves more posts tbh :ohnoes: =D> =P~ \
  6. Nice maxed combat something I wish I had but never will :x :wall: =D> =P~
  7. Just stop rs if you're in college but gl man you will be a legend if you get an untrimmed slayer cape :twisted:
  8. Wow good job man 10/10 for sure, how long did it take I want 99 mining \ =P~ =D>
  9. Nice 99 also I really like the outfit =D>
  10. Effing nice account man :twisted: i been out of the game too long im so behind :ohnoes:
  11. cool \ I want to come to 99 also You could have already had a blue partyhat with that 400m :-#
  12. Cool, good signature too! nice slayer level as well dont trim that hp cape k! 98 summoning i hope =P~ =D>
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