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[TWR] RT vs DV


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Declare topic AND Arranged topic








DV ML VS RT ML and RT trial ML (trials only)








Yesterday a DV founder asked if we want 1 day prep war for the TWR. After a while we agreed about this:




* Saturday april 25th


* 6:15 PM GMT




- warworld 75


- CWA classic area


- bounds B


- melee/binds only


- rings allowed


- no corrupt stuff


- clan with less ppl attacks


- RT main ml + trials vs DV main ml
















Well I was not on the war this time. What I heard was:




Dv did bring some friends and/or some other dutch clan ppl (maybe accidentally) and some going out of bounds but we dont care about that. Anyways It was not our best time and day so wel pulled only 23 but one of our tankers (leogolas125) did tank alone almost the halve war. Our 2nd tank Bielennator did the rest. We had also 1 dc and so:












Thnks for accept this fight DV. What i heard it was a great war to do.






Random screens:













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