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  1. On September 7, *-P.K.Masters-* closed.
  2. CL was founded mid-2004. :) They are. They seem to be a community clan now. This is their most recent public war thread: http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1238831-thor-vs-jags/ (back when THOR was alive) They were also in the Jagex Cup last year.
  3. The warped floors (48-60) aren't being released with this update; therefore this is considered 1.75 assuming the dungeoneering batch update following this one contains the new floors.
  4. Unfortunate about the time mixup, Lgz. Still not a bad ending.
  5. Saw DW right after our FD was. I was still at BH when you returned, but it was a long war. Grats.
  6. There meant to be two rounds: one matched and another full out. However once the first round ended, FD's ops had dropped, and Origiins decided to not continue. Thanks to the five who stepped out. Sorry the full out round did not happen. Hej_Darr tanked at the start through three of our kills, making it 11-8 until we finally lost one. *-P.K.M-* start: 11 (dropped from 16) http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff123/Maxmany1/pullagainstfd.jpg (before drop) FD start: 11 http://pkmasters.com/pkm/event/2010/aug/sun1/pkmVSFDSunAug12010013.png *-P.K.M-* end: 8 (one DC) http://pkmasters.com/pkm/event/2010/aug/sun1/pkmVSFDSunAug12010008.png FD end: 0 Good fight, DF. Your snipers did well. 0 kills, 0 deaths [spoiler=Miscellaneous images]
  7. *-P.K.Masters-* versus New Bloods ML comparison: http://runehead.com/clans/compare.php?username1=p_k_masters&username2=new__bloods&username3=&username4=&username5=&compare=true&compareType=combat We came in outnumbered, outleveled, and outpowered, yet fifteen minutes later, it was them on the jail concrete and us on familiar ground. Rules F2P Safe All styles North attacks Maximum two snipers RuneHead memberlist only No dungeoneering or corrupt items Clan Wars Classic (center boundaries) Saturday, July 3, 2010 at 7:30 PM UTC+0 PKM start: 18 NB start: 20 PKM end: 13 NB end: 0 PKM ending Miscellaneous War Images And here is Downfall congratulating us <3 http://pkmasters.com/pkm/event/2010/jul/sat3/pkmVSNBSatJul32010022.png http://pkmasters.com/pkm/event/2010/jul/sat3/pkmVSNBSatJul32010023.png
  8. There were two rounds, one full out and one matched, both of which we won. The first round was simple enough, but the second round was more challenging. Good fight, IQ. Round One (full out) PKM start: 16 IQ start: 8 PKM end: 16 IQ end: 0 Round Two (matched) PKM start: 7 (dropped from 14) IQ start: 7 PKM end: 6 IQ end: 0
  9. It was a no post because it was a practice war, but no problem. Good fight, LTH.
  10. Many of the top clans back then no longer have their old power. Sabres, Jagz, Exer, and 'The' are all fractions of their former selves. BK, Gladz, and TRWF are in decent shape these days. As for RSD, they're one of today's most dominant clans. Still, the size of the wars are nowhere as massive as they used to be; in general, the clan world shrunk but has become more organized. Clans like DS, ST, MK, Fear, RR, and even DI have all closed. Also, junior clans are a thing of the past. I do have to say, though, DI was the most stable top clan throughout their lifetime. Good to hear. You forgot that after TIF closed the clan section in an attempt to punish, everyone went to DI boards. Then they migrated to RSC. It was foolish of the staff at the time to think temporarily closing the clan section would garner no consequences, but we all learn.
  11. We're warring you next weekend. Good luck, although your council asked for a no-post war.
  12. Average pulls are nearing 60 ops actually. It's a pretty good portion of our ML. Got a fullout with IQ this weekend, we'll see how we do.
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