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WaterFiends at my Level


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I would skip it at your level, it isn't worth the hassle and the pots if you can just skip it for 80k(or so) worth of slayer points.



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It will take you about 3 trips but its not as bad as people make out.


I did them at slightly worse stats and never had much trouble.


Theres a guide on killing them floating around.




Exp wise they are great and completely worthwhile. the only difference between you and the recommended stats is that you will have to take food and maybe a void spinner.


  • Dragon Axe x11
    Berserker Ring x9
    Warrior Ring x8
    Dragon Med
    Dragon Boots x4 - all less then 30 kc
    Godsword Shard (bandos)
    Granite Maul x 3

Solo only - doesn't include barrows[/hide][hide=Stats]


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