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  1. Wow, I recently started again after a break and the first article is spot on!
  2. It's 1.6%, which is actually not too bad OP may correct me on this, but I believe that he bought 10 items, so the profit would be .16%, as stated.
  3. On the other hand, people breaking the rules are giving us a worse experience. For example, assuming that Jagex gains money off of bots that buy membership (debatable, but let's assume atm), players will get a better gaming experience by your logic, but I bet there are a lot of people who would disagree, as this has resulted in a massive increase in bots over the past 5 months.
  4. Hold the non existend phone there. doesn't the fact that RWT exists imply it has a monetary value? that would mean you could tax it. >Implying that if I turned all my real world assets into runescape gold via gold buying that the IRS could take my runescape gold :lol: If stretch that reasoning out a bit and assume that the government won't tax RS gold you could do some interesting stuff. If you use all your real world value to buy RS gold they won't be able to tax any of it. If you go even further you might be able to get the persons you're working for to pay you in GP and even avoid the dreaded income taxes. I'm not entirely sure how this would play out since I haven't really thought it through, but it's a nice premise. I'm currently reading the full text, found here. I'm surprised at how accurate it is in the most important parts. Also a quote that caught my eye: I'm curious as to how accurate this estimate will turn out to be :huh:
  5. Thats what i was thinking.. o_O and seriously, over a h'ween and an amulet? No offense to any f2p'ers (<3 you guys, you make rs go 'round) but getting money for a h'ween, with say, 80's combat skills, you could make the money for that in a month easy, and that's not including even merching! I know a few people who used to kill drags in chaos tunnels for cash, @ 2m a day, you could get a h'ween in 2 months. Also, there is revs, which i have heard (never tried them myself) are up to 6m an hour. figure 20m a day, you could get one in a week. It's just sad to see how much people value a couple of pixels over someone elses life :| Maybe the parents should be dragged into this for lack of parenting? (yes, i know it's not always the parents fault, but wow..) I mean, seriously.. if someone needed an item *that bad* they should just ask people for help getting it. Right now i'm working on getting a friend a santa as a surprise, as she was hacked (legit hacked, i've known her for 8 years.) and hers was stolen, along with everything else on her acc. There are plenty of people on rs that will help another player if the ask nicely (not begging for phr33 st00f pl0x) I remember years ago on rsc, the first time i died, and i was devastated. I hadn't fully grasped the whole banking concept (i was like, 14 at the time, first time playing an online mmo) A guy, who i'm just gonna call "Yamaha" took me under his wing and helped me get going again. Showed me where/how to bank effectively, what i should kill to get my money back fastest, just a bunch of little things. Altho i have lost contact with that player for almost 9 years, his impression was great on me. If some lower level player is trying to save up tokkul for a fury, i have no issue partly killing some tzhaar and letting them get the drops so they can get the onyx faster. So in the end i have this to say: Whether the item is "jagex's" or "yours" or "someone elses," it doesn't really matter. If you care more about a couple pixels than your friends life, you need help. You'd make a good lawyer. Write a short reply to something containing your view on it, continue with a touching, but irrelevant, story and finally give your view on it again in a single sentence =D> =D> =D>
  6. Today I received an email from Jagex which stated that my account was found offered for sale somewhere and that it would be banned if this would be deemed true, at the bottom there was a link to validate my account. I wanted to make sure the mail was legit before I click on the link and enter my account details somewhere. Here's the mail: To be clear, I have, and will, never put my account up for sale and don't want to see it banned either. I've checked the message center for my account on the main site and it didn't have any messages concerning this. PS the sender was RuneScape([email protected])
  7. The only valid point I was able to get out of that monstrosity was that they've made smithing easier and you don't like that. I fail to see the logic in the rest of your post. I must say that I didn't like the way they've made skillling 'faster' over the past years, but it seems to be the trend and it's often balanced by a bigger price tag in the case of buyables.
  8. You could always use the abyss. On a side note, does the runner receive 27 runes or all runes that the crafter made? I haven't checked out W66 laws since free trade.
  9. Just throwing this out there, but wouldn't double nat running be better?
  10. I believe this topic is about 3 to 4 years late. Haven't really noticed a change recently.
  11. TBH, I don't think that the prize draw will have a big influence on the amount of people who pay for membership. And since they don't make profit off the prize draw it seems to me that it was purely done to celebrate the 10th year anniversary and doesn't have anything to do with them not having confidence in the content anymore.
  12. If it was actually there (which could very well be the case), simply removing the downloaded file won't remove the keylogger. Your best bet would be to scan the computer with whatever anti-virus program you use and hope it detects + removes it.
  13. I won't disagree with your setup, it's similar for mine at abby demons. :thumbup: However, there are still a lot of people who don't piety/turm entire tasks so there you already have a significant group of people that will have the inventory space and BoB available (when you switch the healing from uni to (E)EE). On top of that group, there will also be players who are now praying all task who will switch to the 'banking method' because there are now 100% drops worth picking up. This is reason that people (without a yak) don't turm/piety entire blue dragon tasks in the first place. I agree that it may not be the most efficient way to train slayer for maxed players and I probably won't be banking the ashes on task either. There will be a lot of players who will bank them and a lot of players who won't, there're just a lot of players that are training slayer and not all of them have efficiency as their top priority or are training it for money. And as a side note; banking the ashes might just be the more efficient option of the 2, depending on the price of the ashes. Abby demons don't hit that much so additional food costs aren't that high compared to uni scrolls and you'll save a bundle on prayer pots if you bank using house teleports after each inventory.
  14. Won't most people be able to get back before you can actually see the items with a teleport directly to the lair? If not, it could become the new dharoks tomb for alching.
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