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Do I have a hope on PVP worlds?


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Looking at my stats, it is obvious that I'm not a pure. Do I have a hope of actually being able to compete with other players on PVP worlds?

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There are so many pures in PVP and tbqh you don't have the stats to stand up to them...




A pker would have at least one combat stat 10 levels higher than the others, most would have 20...




(ie 70 att, 70 def and 99 str)


(60 att, 80 str, 40 def, 90+ mage/range)




You have no stats that would stand out to be any benefit. Unless you find someone like 15 levels less than you, you will get owned. Even then you stand a good chance of being KOed by a pure...




My advice, - if you really want to PK, get 82 magic and practice your blitz/dds combos.


...or try f2p.


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