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  1. I'm sorry guys. I'm leaving permanently. Skype - vezon_dash Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002953612566 It has been one great ride. I'm always open to talking and stuff. Just let me know who you are if you add me on Facebook or whatever.
  2. I'll slice your eyelids, so you can watch the end!

  3. 1) I don't play, but I keep up with the meta. 2) Nothing is happening. Nothing worthwhile.
  4. Then don't give up? I don't see the issue. If you quit, you lose. If she quits, she loses. If neither of you quits, neither of you loses. What I'm getting at is that neither of you is going to quit because you don't want to lose. Either grow a pair and lose if you want to make an attempt at salvaging your relationship, or you stick with your guns and win destroying any kind of future relationship.
  5. Vezon Dash


    Well... Like. North America was settled hundreds of years later than Europe. No wonder your universities are older.
  6. You said you were cockblocking her. That is what normal people call contact. Interaction. What if... like... she believes that her actions are justified? Why would someone apologize for a justified action?
  7. abilities > momentum for everything (melee, mage, ranged) momentum > abilities for barraging/chinning mobs
  8. I'm bad about holding grudges too, but seriously. Why do you even want to be in contact with this person? If you want to hold a grudge and not like this person, why do you want them to apologize? You might be "willing" to end it, but you are probably just as "willing" to not end it. If it really bothers her, then she will tell you to knock it off (or eventually break down and kick you in the balls). If you want to end it, then just end it. She obviously doesn't care about you, and an apology will be a hollow "sorry dude" sort of thing.
  9. Half of my violations are signature violations and stuff.
  10. That guy who joined like two days ago has no room to brag.
  11. I can rate teams. As far as battling online goes.... I just use simulators because you can guarantee that things like sleep clause won't be broken, people won't be using more than 510 IVs, and it is so much easier to make and edit new Pokemon and teams. Wi-fi battles are just so slow because of battle animations and loading times. I do like battling with my friends with just infrared every now and then though.
  12. HYT is retarded. No offense or anything. I'd pop in every now and then, but.... yeah. I pretty much promptly left each time.
  13. So are you flipping yourself off... or?
  14. Half of us don't even play this game anymore. Um... yup. That sounds a lot like me.
  15. Black and Mild's are a.... umm.... "classy" form of Swisher Sweets. I have a few friends who smoke them.
  16. http://sourcefednews...er-gropes-fans/ Look into the sunglasses of the boy who will molest your future daughter. Even if that isn't quite true, he doesn't seem to have much debonair surrounding him..... Then again, what teenager who has more money than they know what to do with does? I swear, fame and fortune really seems to get the best of a lot of singers and movie stars.
  17. It's base stats and abilities are terrible as well. Giving it flare blitz isn't going to solve anything. Base 65 speed is horrible for a physical sweeper. Imagine what a Guts Flareon can do in a Trick Room.... It can also easily come in on a special attacker and start dishing it out. It won't be anything OU or even UU worthy, but it would at least get some kind of usage.
  18. Where did that kid come from? I have literally never seen him before. 50m says he never posts again.
  19. That stuff always crashes around that time of year.
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