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  1. So I just got the the first episode with Dr. Killinger. He is pretty awesome.
  2. Na dude, its just my dreams. There was a lot of other weird stuff that happened in the dream, but I won't go into it. If you really want to know though, pm me.
  3. Doctor Orephus is pretty awesome too. Annoying at times, but overall a great character.
  4. Neat. It's nice to know there is someone else who is watching the series. I feel it doesn't get enough love at times. I love all of the characters, and it does have its funny moments. Personally, I really like Dr. Girlfriend, The Monarch, and Brock the most. I just finished watching the first season though.
  5. Did you like the part where you and Cow started fornicating? Assuming we had the same dream of course.
  6. Why not do QBD for your task instead?
  7. YOU DIDN'T EVEN USE THE PAGEGETBLACKGUY IMAGE???? I had dream last night that me, Cow, and Mere all met up at this old playground I used to go to.
  8. I just started watching it today. It is pretty good.
  9. I held my staff a bit to the left and downwards Zing! Ain't even mad.
  10. Ya, so like... I was driving today, and I saw this woman run two people off the road with her truck in a 2 minute time span.
  11. A while back, everyone made each other really bad looking microsoft paint avatars.
  12. Make your own. Everyone should make one for themselves.
  13. Vezon Dash


    Good to see that you are alive. Now we just need to hunt down My_Eggs. I actually saw My_Eggs on Runescape like two weeks ago.
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