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hunter from 62-70


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im curently catching grey chins. but is there a better/faster way?


also, at what lvl should i start hunting red chins?



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all skills 70+ (completed)

all skills 80+

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For maximum exp, stick to red salamanders until lvl 80. For maximum profit, catch red chins all the way from 63 to 99.




Personally, I would recommend sticking to red salamanders until about 70-72 and then red chins the rest of the way.

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Red Salleys Are the fastest way.




At least 70 or 75 So you have a decent level Between You and new red chin hunters.




Dont forget to penguins every week and use the points on hunter




I like hunter just to lazy to train it so i raise it by pts Every two weeks = 1 level

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