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Boa1891 (max melee) - New Wildy BH - Claws, VLS, Vesta Spear

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This is 100% filmed yesterday (Saturday May 9), except the few clips from old-PvP at the very end. I lost a few whips and my second fire cape yesterday (damn AGS PJers), but I had so much fun that I hardly care haha.




If you like it, check out my other vids, comment, and subscribe!



^Link to vid in HQ




^Link to my Channel


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128+ Combat \\ 1900+ Total Level \\ 85M+ EXP

5,999th To 99 Woodcutting Achieved June 27, 2007

66,931st To 99 Strength Achieved January 23rd, 2009

Draconic Visage: 1+ \\ DK Drops: 169+ \\ GWD Drops: 74+

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