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    i hate revrents!

    yas i haet revrents aswel plz jagex we ned CHENGE!! I feel like such a moron now. "revrents". Bleh.
  2. You might be able to with uber gear and lot's of training. I dunno, but you're level 109 with 83 HP; I'm level 90 with 83 HP. There are players my level with 90+ HP.
  3. First: Improve your English. No one like a ------ bringing down tanks' reputation. Second: If you want to be a cheapskate, don't bother making a tank. Now, onto the tips: 1. Make you're range / magic based. No one likes a wannabe fail tank. 2. Get 99 range/mage/def/prayer/hp/summoning. Armor: Torags / Verac's Helm Black D'hide body Black D'hide legs / Torag's / Verac's You can figure out the rest.
  4. Cooking and Fletching, simply because of people who have them. The majority of the people who own these capes only have them because they somehow believe it gives them a higher status. If anything, it just says "lol ima noob i wanna b pr0 but i cant. im 2 dumdum to figure out how 2 b moar efficient". As well, the attitudes that some of those people have are disgusting. Your cape doesn't make you better, and if I just 3 hit you, you don't come back and say "lol i got cook cape so there".
  5. No. Adamant arrows + Maple Shortbow can barely pierce full rune at the moment. You want to introduce dragon? As well, d meds, plateskirts, and the such should really be saved for members. The noobs in P2P (Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. 60atk/60str/60def) DREAM of getting dragon. Nothing really beats meeting a level 75 who's wearing granite armor and a d med (Go buy some barrows kthxbai). It's even better when there's a whole group of them. They look utterly ridiculous. Honestly, it's priceless. So, in a nutshell: 1) Melee is already too strong. 2) Dragon is a goal that all low level meleers without any experience want. Therefore, it is good for JaGex, since it entices them into subscribing. 3) The ridiculous look offered by the Dragon Med should be only given to those who are loyal Jagex members. The real issue here is: Why are rune arrows, and all crossbows up to and including mithril not F2P? And why aren't Wave spells F2P? Learn your priorities; I think it's safe to assume you don't PK.
  6. I dunno, the fact that you've lost THREE accounts probably means it;s your fault. Admit it, your password is something along the lines of "abc". If not, then stop downloading illegal stuff.
  7. Well, you shouldn't be PKing in granite armor. As well, every Pker should be carrying an anti poison. Wait, what? You weren't PKing? My bad. But still, soloing KBD isn't a good idea with that gear. Oh wait. It was just a poisonous spider? Dirty spiders...
  8. I would say an IMPRESSIVE skill cape (ie, Slayer, Construction, Prayer, Summoning) is better than a Fire Cape, since it shows more dedication (ie, more time is needed to make the money for contruction, or spent gathering charms). As well, Fire Capes on Zerkers or Range/Mage Tanks are less respectable as well in my eyes. Every zerker and tanker should have a fire cape by level 70, no questions asked . (Unfortunately for me, I didn't get membership until I was combat 69. I didn't even know what "tanks" or "firecapes" were back then). However, as a general rule, Impressive Skill Capes (Summoning, etc) > Fire Cape > Noob-Friendly Capes (Cooking.. classic example). Those are just my thoughts.
  9. I think it's not a bad idea.. I mean, it's far better for someone to show off their achievements with a cape than them spamming "My level in Cooking is 99." a hundred times a minute.
  10. I like the idea personally, but I feel that melee is absurdly overpowered and extremely cost efficient in all ways in F2P. Introducing more melee content would further unbalance it (esp in PvP, where it matters). Plus, dragon meds look completely ridiculous. However, if it was implemented, I would have nothing against it. It would be nice for F2P to receive a high level boss and good rewards from it.
  11. Brings a tear to the eye ;-( .. >.> Yeah, its kind of stupid that you can buy cards but not use them
  12. Something similar happened to me awhile back when I was still playing RS: I was training my defence to level 75 (or trying to), so I was wearing my firecape, rune armor, and dragon longsword(rofl). Out of nowhere, some level 100 comes in and goes "Lol noobs, jealous of my cape?" (He was wearing a firecape). ... Then: "LOL Hubs55.. What a rwt'er.. Nice d long noob.. if u gonna buy your cape off some site, might as well buy a better weapon." That my friends, is one heck of a LOL moment. The poor noob was so proud of getting his cape at level 100, and then he somehow gets the idea that I RWT'ed mine. Good times, good times.. Anyways, you should just ignore them, or utterly and completely destroy them (verbally). I prefer the latter (far more satisfying), but I run the risk of getting muted :thumbsup: .
  13. That's fine. What's wrong with 2 ranged helms? Now, you can PK knowing that should you die, you would have another set to use. Anyways, it's a good thing you didn't waste your points buying a melee helm. That would've been such a waste.. :\
  14. Tank. Lvl 90 Range Tank with Vengeance and 94 Range is very hard to beat.
  15. Wow, I've never really thought about pking in f2p like that with magic. Yeah, I agree it does suck now that it's been changed.
  16. Hubs

    Fletching Cape.

    Nothing in runescape is HARD. Care to beat corp solo with no armour, food, or pots and flowers as a weapon? that's hard. No, that's impossible. There's a difference. :notalk: That's very possible in a luck based game; just very inprobable.
  17. Hubs

    Fletching Cape.

    You don't care? I wonder why you posted this thread in the first place... If someone were to go for all 99's, it would be for the bragging rights. There is no other reason. With this in mind, getting a skill like fletching, which is essentially USELESS, to 99 first would defeat the purpose (which is, of course, to brag about your AMAZING achievements). Wouldn't someone going for all 99's for the bragging rights, in theory, get an impressive first cape? Untrimmed Hp? Rc, farming, construction maybe? Those going for a fletching cape are: 1. Those who truly enjoy the skill (very few). 2. People who want the "easy" way out. 3. People who trick themselves into believing every 99 in Runescape is equal in worth.
  18. Hubs

    Level 3 skillers

    It's a challenge, which is always fun. Sorta like PKing on a balanced main with 70/70/70 Atk Str Def
  19. Hubs

    I don't get it...

    toatly aggrea dood add me2 sappor lizt. nais title
  20. Gee, Iunno, maybe clues are supposed to something fun to break up the monotony of training? "Wasting my valuable time"...Lol.
  21. Article 2: That's me :shock: . My grades never dropped, but my eyesight started to get worse. Eventually quit when parent's card got declined :D . It feels so good to be "clean", as you put it.
  22. Gratz on teh cape! Now, you get to show off to all the noobies 8-) .
  23. [hide=Goals][!]= Achieved [ ]= In progress Quit Runescape [!][/hide] [hide=The Journey
  24. Really good guide; learned a lot from it. Quite helpful too, seeing as I'm F2P now, and I've long forgotten my old training spots. I don't know if you've mentioned it, but POWERTRAINING with range is quite easy at the giant spiders in level 3 (they're aggressive-- a bit like bandits..) and flesh crawlers on level 2. I usually bring Dhide+ Rune Full, and maybe Rune Platelegs/Skirt. Works great for melee as well.
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