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99 crafting how to get it?


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First thing, concentrate on doing all Varrock Acheivement Diaries - then you can buy more and more Battlestaffs per day.


Buy orbs on the G/E and then just attach them ;)


Thank you to tripsis for an awesome sig!

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60 - 99 is a huge difference of xp so i would recommend you getting the stealing creation stuff for double xp




Dont bother, you use it up way too fast.




Buy 600 bstaves from the G.E everyday. thats 24 hours of Bstaves.


Make green dhide bodies or black dhide chaps, whichever ones cost less to make (cost:xp ratio). Give yourself an hour to make money a day. It will help.

I dont need a siggy no moar.

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If you are going for speed, you don't have enough money. Speed is best done with dragonhides and making dragonbodies. I recommend doing some merching in between to: A. break the monotony of the whole thing, and B. to TRY to make some cash back.




If you want speed, thats the way to do it. If you want to go for profit, then yes bowstrings. Emerald bracelets are getting too expensive.

There is no way to make "Millions fast and easy"...



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