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99 mage?


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alright so I was doing some math and using the tip it calculator and figured out that it would take 1,708,716 wind strikes to get to 99 magic, this would cost me 17 million gp. Now I realize this may sound crazy, using wind strikes to 99 but I would be wearing mele gear and getting negative magic bonuses while safespotting on say, the skeletons across the wilderness ditch.




Now I just want to know a few things, A: How many spell can I autocast per minute? B:Are there any cheaper autocast options? C: Would I be breaking any rules? (I would be at keyboard the whole time) D: Am I totally crazy/stupid for considering this?






thanks! :thumbsup:

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You cast 1150 spells per hour autocasting the same monster. This means it would take you 1486 hours to get 99 mage. To put that into prespective, if you spent 1486 hours doing something that made you 250k an hour (which is slow money) you would make 371,500,000 gp. If you play 35 hours of runescape a weak, which is a lot for most people, it would still take you 10 months.


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i think there may be something wrong with your calculations (not sure if its the same) but tip.it calc used to be based on if you hit highest damage that spell could do... meaning you would have to do a lot more spells than that as you be splashin/0 instead of hitting 2 damage. but then as i said im not sure if it is still like that.




edit: just checked the calc and it seems i am right that (2) next to spell is maximum damage of spell. meaning you would have to do 2 damage per cast to use that amount of runes.




edit: to autocast you need staff so you would acctually do damage anyway and if you did you would log out after 5mins as you wouldn't be takin damage so if you did plan on doing this i would suggest chickens as they can attack back but wont hurt you.

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Try the dummies in the Lumbridge tutorial training facility. I saw someone casting spells on the dummies there. You can virtually last there forever because no one can steal the spot, and you can auto-retaliate it like a monster that never dies.



Mayn U wanna be like me but U can't be me cuz U ain't got ma swagga on.

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try superheat mith? (or look at my sig for other options)





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4 BETTER alternatives to flesh crawlers[/hide]





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