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help please;)


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well, i want to do some 1hp dharoking and to have that 1hp over again fast i want a rock cake to be damaged....but i already have done the quest and lost the rock cake, i really need some help to get it back i tried going to rohak with the ingredients and the coin-beer thingy's but it doesnt work, explain me what i must do please;D!




thanks for the help, trouble lord.

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Fairly sure you can't get the rockcake back, but nitroglycerin works just as well, also lowering your hp faster.




P.S. I hear talk that you can't die from that anymore, but aren't sure.


Sig by me, in MS paint, but I'm still working on it.

Suggestions appreciated


This guide is as concise as a gourmet's handbook with the guidelines of "Pick up fork, stab food, insert into your mouth, then chew".

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A - You don't need 1hps to max, you need under 10% of your max hps, don't listen to what other people say, it's fact. At under 10% hps, your str level doubles invisibly.


B - You cannot reobtain the rockcake back, so sorry. And they got nerfed a while back, it says something along the lines of 'You learn not to eat this again too soon', so the damage it deals to you is slow.


C - Your best bet is to get unidentified liquids, with ancient tele to digsite, run to the spot, and use mousekeys to fill the vials. These used to be able to kill you, but JaGex changed it not long ago and now they cannot, they leave you at 3hps. Since normal hp restore rate is 1hps, you can drop one every 5 minutes whilst having maximum efficiency.

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