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Dagganoths in CT?


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Hey, Im gonna pretty bored killin dagganoths in the lighthouse. I heard people talking about making MORE money in CT. In runetip says they can hit up to 20 damage! But




their range attacks are range base? So, can I pray range and not get hit?






Will this setup work?




Slayer helm




bandos chest


bandos legs


dragon boots


skill cape


cb braclet






rune def








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There are different kinds of dagannoths. The ones you're probably most familiar with are the level 92 and 74 ones from the Lighthouse. The level 92 ones use melee in addition to ranged. But if you were to go deeper into the Waterbirth dungeon, you'd find a lot of level 88 dagannoths that only use ranged, and those are the ones that drop the pieces for spined armor. The Chaos Tunnel dagannoths are all that same kind of ranged dagannoth, which is why they also drop the pieces for spined armor.

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