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I just dismantled an old laptop from the 90's running a Pentium II. I've asked this question before some two years ago but I wanted to know, now that the screen is disconnected from the motherboard, if there was any way I could use the screen as a stand-alone monitor. Something that could potentially convert the cables to a video input such as VGA. I'll gladly take some pictures of the cables when I find my camera if needed but my phone's 2MP doesn't do it justice.




I don't suppose anyone knows of anything? The motherboard itself has a VGA input and output option. EDIT: The VGA output only has two rows of pins rather than three.

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Nope, you really couldn't do that in any simple way, it's really not worth all the trouble.






I looked into doing the same thing a while ago and its a lot of hassle as the monitor needs a power supply, converter, mount and extra cables. The parts to do it are pretty hard to come by and its not as simply as connecting x to y and plug in the cable.




I'll see if I can get the guide as I looking at if your still interested.


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I thought of doing this myself with my old PIII laptop I've got lying around, completely disassembled. It certainly doesn't work anymore- Never did (Got it for 10)- But I got a better idea of how the inside of a laptop works and a 40GB hard drive which I now use in my PII (366MHz/256Mb) laptop from '98 that's on Ubuntu. <3: Some people talk about their old cars. Heck, I could talk about my old rigs for hours... That sounds like a topic. :-k


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