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Patch Notes 5/27, Dungeon Maps and Spam Filter


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The world map undergoes a major improvement today, in addition to which we have added a spam filter for in-game messages, and new-look leprechauns and Hitpoint bars.




Ever since we launched the world map there have been suggestions that dungeons should be incorporated into it. As Mod Ash pointed out in his world map update Development Diary, this was not as easy as it sounds, but we think it was worth the effort, and will make navigation underground easier. Also, you can now toggle the You Are Here button on and off, in case it obscures information on the world map you want to read, and the search feature on the world map has been improved so you can find the places you search for more easily.




Our next update is a spam filter, which will relieve your chat window from repeated messages such as "you swing your pick at the rock". We trawled through the principal skill-training activities and flagged over 2,700 messages that will now be filtered out as spam. To activate this function, just right-click on the game tab under the chat window and select "filter game". Dont worry about missing out on important feedback from the game; messages like "you are horribly burnt by the dragons fire" (in case you are fighting dragons without the proper equipment) will still get through.




We have made graphical improvements to the leprechauns, hitsplats, and the Hitpoint bar - just a few of the graphical improvements that we continue to do alongside updates to the game. The leprechauns have also been moved closer to their Farming patches. You might also notice that the Hitpoint bars of monsters with more than 200 Hitpoints have been extended, but dont worry - they haven't been given any more Hitpoints! This is just to help you see more clearly how many Hitpoints a monster youre fighting has.




Last but not least we have made a change to the free world by removing most of the options that lead to members-only content, such as pickpocketing, agility shortcuts, members' quests and more, in order to make the free game what it should be: a great game in its own right, and not a demo for the members' game. None of these features will be removed from the members' game, however.




Enjoy, whether as a free player or a member.




Mod Fetzki


Head of RuneScape




(Posted by Mod Ash because Fetzki isn't here today.)




Due to the amount of actual game upgrades and their nature, there are only a few extra bug fixes this week. We've fixed many other issues and hopefully there'll be more along with the next update. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).




* Some of the creatures in the God Wars Dungeon will no longer allow 'AFK' training.


* If you die to a monster on a PvP or Bounty World and the hero and other attackers are further than 15 squares away, you'll drop your items and be able to pick them up again similar to a normal death.


* Fixed an issue with the super fishing explosive from Kennith's Concerns that wouldn't let you make it if your Herblore level was higher than required.


* The Fight Arena quest has been significantly improved.


* Resolved an issue in the Summoning skill in which the code didn't correctly handle situations where you may not have had a follower.

11th to 99 Summoning

85th to 99 Runecrafting


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Too late. Not trying to be a wannabe mod or anything.



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