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And that makes two!

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10/10! \'




i heard those spiders were like 25-30k an hour.. so good job at sticking with it :)

Attack - Strength - Defence - Hitpoints - Range - Fletching - Cooking - Thieving - Woodcutting - Hunter - Farming - SlaYer - Summoning Mining ~

~ Whips : 30 ~ 90+ barrows drops ~

~ Tal Shiar Alliance ~ W132 ~

~ 2230+ total ~

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Wow 10/10 impressive for no members.. GL With str :ohnoes: nice 99 defense as well \' =D>




Ty, but I'm actually upping my range and skills next.

100% F2P





99 Defense, Tuesday February 10th 2009

99 Attack, Tuesday May 26th 200962,189th to get it

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