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99 Smith for 40m?


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NOTE: I have no idea on costs.




With the above in mind, I have compiles some things that may help.




1) Smelthing bars. Yes this is slow, has low xp rates, and could seem like a waste of time but there is profit in smelting bars. From iron to rune, smelting actually has a profit margin. On my skiller I have found that I can smelt iron and keep half of the bars that I smelt at no cost. Essentially giving me 1 bar for every 2 made. Not insane rates but could help. Blast Furnace would make this even more useful if you can stomach it.




2) Stealing Creation hammers. For any smithing done, using a SC hammer makes it even better. Halfing costs is never a bad thing and the minigame is fun to boot. I highly reccommend using them if you are wanting to save money and have high level smithing goals.




3) Bolts, arrows, knives. They are slower than platebodies but result in the same experience overall but can break even or even make profit. These are often mde to offset costs of smithing




4) Ores-Superheat Ore-Bars-platebodies-High Alchemy. Using this method has been considered one of the better ways to get smithing experience. I have not kept up with costs but buying the ores and nature runes can make this process profitable. Check into costs and see if it still can work for you.




Eh hope that helps.



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I'm not exactly sure on costs or the best method considering both time and money, but I'll calculate a little scenario based on current GE prices. This will be based on selling the items you smith for medium GE value and buying bars for medium GE value.




70-73 (Iron Knives)


Bar Cost: 238


GP/XP: 2.72


Item Worth: 34 [5]


Number of Bars: 10,211


Overall Cost: 694,348




73-99 (Adamant Bolts)


Bar Cost: 2,295


GP/XP: 7.12


Item Worth: 185 [10]


Number of Bars: 192,665


Overall Cost: 85,735,925




Total Cost: 86,430,273




If you use SC hammers this cost will be halved, so the total cost would be 43,215,137. Obviously SC hammers are worth obtaining from the SC minigame. You would need 193 Sc hammers, which would require only 3860 SC points. Regular games are 20 minutes, and skilling only games are 10-14 minutes. I personally enjoy the game, so obtaining points is more fun than the actual skilling. :lol:




Another way to calculate costs would be to simply find the GP/XP on particular items, and then multiply that value by the XP you need for 99 smithing. I'll add some of those calculations in shortly.






XP/GP Values


Iron Knife: 2.72


Iron Platebody: 6.57




Steel Knife: 7.79


Steel Platebody: 9.77




Mithril Bolt: 6.46


Mithril Platebody: 8.91




Adamant Bolt: 7.12


Adamant Arrowtip: 10.61


Adamant Platebody: 5.32




Based on the fact that the Adamant Platebody is a low GP/XP cost and very fast (unless I miscalculated), I'm going to calculate from 88-99 smithing for them as they seem to be a wise choice for smithing training (especially with SC hammers).




70-88 Iron Knife


Bar Cost: 238


GP/XP: 2.72


Item Worth: 34 [5]


Number of Bars: 145,926


Overall Cost: 9,922,968




73-88 Adamant Bolt


Bar Cost: 2,295


GP/XP: 7.12


Item Worth: 185 [10]


Number of Bars: 54,287


Overall Cost: 24,157,715




88-99 Adamant Platebody


Bar Cost: 2,295 [5]


GP/XP: 5.32


Item Worth: 9,814


Number of Bars: 138,379


Overall Cost: 45,969,504




Total Costs


Iron Knives & Adamant Plates: 55,892.472


Adamant Bolts & Adamant Plates: 70,127,219




As you can see there is quite a difference from the first calculations to these that include Adamant Platebodies. There is also quite a difference between using Iron Knives until 88 smithing vs Adamant Bolts. The question is whether or not you want speed or cost efficiency. Take into account that SC hammers will also half the costs of these calculations. You will need the same number of SC hammers as I listed earlier, but costs will drop from 43M from the prior scenario to 28-35M based on this one. Best of luck and have fun. ::'




Indexed Picture 1

Indexed Picture 2


Killed my maxed Zerker pure April 2010


Rebooting Runescape



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Kietaro - I'm going to research Superheat a bit further. I'm already on the road to 99 Magic (currently 90) so this might be an option. I've already invested in the nats for the job, would only require 20-25k more nats. Any idea of the current loss that's to be expected with Adamant?




Pure - Sweet. Haven't heard much about SC, will definitely do some proper research.

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