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Crimson Raiders defeats CL | PKRI


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Crimson Raiders vs Chivalry Legions






Well I personally wasn't able to make the start of the war but I did catch the middle. As I got there I noticed we had very great spam and we did get a little shaky here and there but we got are groove back and we were able to pull threw with the win beating CL with over 150 opts ending. Last but not least we beat them in there time zone nuff said.






Cr starting: Around 150


Cl starting: Around 120








Cr ending: Around 170


Cl ending: Around 120








Video: coming soon






Kill \ Spam pictures:










Gratz on the win guys we did decent of course there will be things we can work on and learn from this fight but just remember guys we came out victorious today it was our fight not theres, we fought them in there time zone (aussie) witch is something we haven't done in a long time be proud of that and a speacial thanks to all the GMT who stayed threw the whole fight guys. RESPECT.






Crimson Raiders getting delicious loot off clans since we were born dey we is.

A Proud Crimson Raider.

A Proud Council of CR.

A Proud TWR Rep' of CR.


Want a war against Crimson Raiders for TWR? PM me Or Frenchfry147.

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