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  1. Congratulations Asc. Sure have gone a long way. Good effot, Gladz <3
  2. Crimson Raiders vs Aces of War http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsZB2GjO-48&feature=player_embedded
  3. Asking for Signature from anyone. No preference. Title: Elias Subtitles(In ORANGE font): CR Veteran - on 1 side TKO Blitz Legend - on another side That is all! Any image!
  4. Copied from CR's public boards - Found HERE My General, Shin_Soldier has been bugging me to do some sort of speech(or prayer lol) and last time I attended, I couldn't. So today I thought I would for everyone's 'Lols' sake. (Sadly, I don't think it was recorded.) - Anyways, Enjoy! Thanks Clan Europe for the fun fight! <3 Respect! Once again, Thanks CE! ~CR Veteran
  5. Copied from CR's Forums. Goodfight CSF! Thanks for the fight! Thanks CSF!!!
  6. Copied from CR's Public Forums: Click Here to view Happy Halloween from Crimson Raiders!
  7. Sorry for the noobie topic. Was made by CR's moderator, Skittle. The war was set up as The's leaders asked ours for a short prep 1hr CWA Pkri. Knowing they'd have a substantial prep on us, we still took the invitation. Rules were: 1hr cap All styles Cwa Turrets No corrupt The inital starting consisted of Cr having about 38 on audio to I'm guessing The's 30. Starting mems were 31 cr to The's 26. From the start, we decided to let back ups lead and take The down by themselves. On the initial rush, we got a decent pile but ended up far away from The allowing them to take a 3-1 quick lead. After that slow stop, there was nothing else that would hold us back and we quickly pulled ahead under Taco and Rocky's leadership After only 10 minutes of commencing, Cr had our hands around THE's throat and were taking no [cabbage] Having over a 2x lead on The, we knew that it would be easy pixels, we continued to do great. After another 5 mins, we for sure had our chode thumping against their dome piece. After 15 more mins of battle, we decided it was time to put THE away for good. How we did this you might ask? SIR ZERO10 Sir zero10 took control and calls 4 transitions back to back, but sadly is held down by THE realizing what they are faced with and piling Sir zero10. The Sir Zero10 is out for a moment of minutes but do not worry, after rockynoob38 and pinktacoman continue to rape the, taco decides yet again, they must get the chode of the skittle Deputy skittle quickly starts to obliterate THE's pile yet again, having it in shambles with his constant, rodm-esk transitions. As Sir zero10 is slicing and dicing The's pile, THE nearly decides to call it off from constant pounding, but one of their members decides to pile true 2k8, causing them to split pile onto THE true 2kedate, causing him to have to tank and let off of what's left of THE's pile. Rocky takes control and while doing well, The still manages to get another grab while on the edge of defeat. But do not worry ladies and gentleman, Rocky decided to squash THe's fingers and kick them from the edge....By letting skittle lead for the last 2 minutes. Skittle not only steps on their fingers, but even stomps on their face and humiliating The with his constant ko's of Cantstopal look alikes and Zoro impersonators.
  8. Two days ago Shin Soldier approached Downfall for a pkri with the rules below. We new it would be a tough fight seeing as we beat DF by a few kills last time. DF gladly accepted knowing we would give them a clean flame free fight. We would really like you do more of these in the future DF always gives as great fights and today was just another example. 6:30 Est Start 1 hour cap All styles Turrets No corrupt Dung allowed Attack on sight. The fight started with us rushing DF and a thought came to cr's mind. Both clans started with around 35-37 people. Downfall managed to keep up with us for most of the pkri but with some excellent tanking from cr members the task was just to great. With the want to be tank Tj who recently got koed by 17 people in a titans matched opts tanking to no food. We new the rest of Cr had great hope in tanking and they did tank great job on that raiders. Knowing how well DF were doing we constantly had to get spam towers up which would make cr members extremely horny and crave the win even more. I was personally spamming the most random crap on people i have never seen before. But what ever works baby. At this point anyone who decided to try and tank us got the legendary jog on spam.<3 David/is short irl. This spam always gets cr members pumped up because we all no David is crazy irl enough said. As the fight came to an end we had down enough to get the victory special thanks to Downfall for the great fight and hopefully we can have many more in the future. Great job Raiders.
  9. At the beginning of the week we set out to find a good fight for the weekend to see what we could pull on a week prep Saturday. TMC eventually accepted a fight because they believed the untrue propaganda that we suck now and actually thought they had a chance against us. So we prepped pretty hard and planned well for this fight. We developed a good strategy and made sure everyone knew exactly what their duty would be going into the fight. We massed for almost an hour and started with a solid amount, which ended up being a lot more than TMC's. CR starting - 159 TMC starting- 129 The world was pretty messy with a smaller fight already going on there when we started as well as a considerably large clan who I couldnt really identify going around crashing everyone. That clan of randoms harrassed us for a bit as we tried to start the fight by killing some of our stragglers but we were barely affected if at all, it just delayed the start by about 1 minute. So we eventually rushed Tmc at west tree with about 140 opts after having those randomers killed but we were still able to maintain control throughout the entire fight. It was messy at first as about 4 of our fallin leaders were picked off by the crashers but we were still able to maintain a strong pile while weakening TMC's pile at the same time. After about 25 minutes the crashers were gone (run out by Followers of Guthix - Thanks!) and our pile was just picking off any TMC that we walked by. After about 10 minutes of that with TMC just walking back and forth from spiders to greaters to avoid us, they decided to call it off. Even though the fight was pretty short we still had a lot of fun and appreciate the opportunity to fight you guys. CR ending: 180 TMC ending: 0 Good job everyone who showed up, and I think we know all who we want to destroy next :mace: War was dedicated to Luke, enjoy retirement bro :wub: and Goodjob Raiders once again
  10. Of all times, as in now dead is, Shadow Elves. As of now, current clans, it's The Titans for being a tough clans, yet never cocky. They always give good f ights to all clans, and are one of the most feared.
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