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Mori vs. Eclipse


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    [*:3tgellt2]Melee + Binds
    [*:3tgellt2]3 ranger cap
    [*:3tgellt2]Rings allowed
    [*:3tgellt2]No corrupted weapons/armour
    [*:3tgellt2]CWA mid bounds
    [*:3tgellt2]Matched Opts
    [*:3tgellt2]Fansite posting allowed


Mori starting: 20 people




Eclipse starting: 12 people








It was matched opts so we cut down and got the battle under way. It was pretty even through out from what I could see but in the end, it seems that Mori must've had a slightly better overall performance, allowing us to clinch the win.




Mori ending: 4 people




Eclipse ending: 0








So thanks for the fight Eclipse and maybe we can do it again sometime.



[Moriquendi Legend]

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Good job guys, watched the whole thing from the portal. Was very even throughout but i'd have to say we won because of some good sniping. Was a good clean fight with no flaming.




Considering Sunday isn't really Mori's thing and some of the recent turnouts Mori has been picking things up lately and will start climbing the ladder in no time.


Retired Moriquendi Staff

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