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What shuld I use for 58->65 farming/herblore?


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I've just finished my exams and returning to rs. I've 58 herblore, 57 farming and I am trying to get both to 65lv for While Guthix Sleeps. I have read a few guides, but most of the farming guide are just about farming routes and herblore guide are mostly 2nds gathering.




The problem now is I am not sure what to buy from grand exchange for my levels. I have around 10mil and planning to spend around 1-2mil for those lvs. What seeds or herbs should I buy?




Thanks in advance.

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buy the top tree seeds and then make ur top lvl potion that what i did i am not 67 farming 69 herblore also grow top lvl herbs to make up some cash that u loose and grow lots of limp to save for when u can make super str saves a lot of cash also grow white berry bushes and save the white berries for later thats my advice

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You COULD buy seeds, but let me tell you what will happen...you'll STILL end up waiting for farming experience, because you have to wait. There isn't any speeding up the process.




What I would suggest doing is trying to farm things higher than your current ability by a couple of levels by making/buying Garden pies and collecting seeds by fighting things like Moss Giants, Trolls, and doing activities like Managing Thy Kingdom and putting lots of emphasis on woodcutting (for the higher level seeds in the bonus bird's nests) and it goes without saying almost, all your Penguins Hide & Seek points and random event rewards go to Herblore and Farming.




Herblore is probably one that will suck up your money quickly if you just buy the stuff to make potions, but I think concentrating on making the highest level potions you can for all the herbs you already have is a good idea, and rather than sinking all your cash into it, try to pace it so that it grows at the same level as your farming. You can certainly buy seeds for herbs and the trees, but make sure you're not wasting your time on lower level stuff if time is your priority. Planting guam won't get you anywhere fast. Instead, plant the highest level trees and fruit trees and since you need herblore and will visit allotments, go ahead and plant the herbs and even flowers (like marigolds which are good summoning seconds) and stuff like sweetcorn and watermelons and strawberries.




Make sure you PAY for the farmers to watch your trees/fruit trees. Some people might be able to take the risks, but since you hopefully are planting high experience trees and want to get there fast, you can't afford to take the hit...once you start levelling for the heck of it and not for a goal, then you can start taking those chances.

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maples and papaya's for farming (will be around 2m for 65), that will take only about 4 days and for herblore make pray pots (again around 2m loss). Thats what I did at least:-)


And while doing this grow some herbs, i think the best would be toadflax > kwuarm > ranarr > snapdragon. It goes in order of least to most profit, or i think it is might wanna go check the runewiki calc.

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