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Steel Sentinels - Possible Mechscape Spinoff?


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The recent Funorb update which gave the community 6+ Wallpapers. These showed three games which are to come out in the future.




One being the Pirates Empire, second being a soccer game, and the third one being called "Steel Sentinels". I downloaded the two SS wallpapers available, and i wondered, maybe it will be a spin off of mechscape? Similar to Armies of Geilnor. Of course, entirely different gameplay...




What are your thoughts? I beleive that a possible race in Mechscape will be Robotic Creatures. As of current we have Human and Pliggi (a nature oriented race) and the speculation of a rock type race.




Sorry i'm unsure of the code on this forum to make the images smaller.





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- To hide the images even if they're large.






I think people took MechScape and thought machines was what the game is all about, and so with these wallpapers containing machines they're just getting into a frenzy.




No one ever said the concept arts that were found through the various Jagex artists were for MechScape. They could be for any game on FunOrb, Runescape or MechScape, or just totally random doodling.






Either way it still prevents several possibilities: 1, these were pre-planned and have no relation to MechScape; 2, these were planned to hype up MechScape's release through a taste of the experience with these games; 3, Someone @ Funorb wanted a futuristic game on FubOrb.

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