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  1. Grats on the 80 mining. Excellent job with the account in OSRS. Will definitely keep checking in. :)
  2. Looks pretty similar to 07. Jagex needs that BotWatch. Is BotWatch or whatever tech they are calling it, working well in the main game?
  3. Figured it out. Need to use Secateurs on the Willow Tree. After you've cut 5 or so, it will tell you, you need to wait for more to grow. Then talk to a Gardner, and they will chop it down for you.
  4. If the Grand Exchange gets put into 07Scape, with the free trade rules, the amount of market manipulation will be insane. Price fixing will be hilarious.
  5. 80 WCing and a Dragon Axe are almost a requirement for cutting Magics. I do believe Yew's will make you money faster if you only use Rune and have under 80-85 WCing.
  6. Still think this was the incorrect decision. Outright banning games of chance is bad. They should have found an alternative method that kept that part of the community alive, and allowed such players to have their game play, without the negatives.
  7. For my original code: #menu li:hover ul ul, #menu li:hover ul ul ul, #menu li:hover ul ul ul ul{ display:none; } #menu li:hover ul, #menu li li:hover ul, #menu li li li:hover ul, #menu li li li li:hover ul{ display:block; } That was the problem solver, if anyone else has needed a more consolidated fix.
  8. I think that's because there's no second or third class used, and thus you had to do it that way. Thanks for clarifying what I needed to do. Much appreciated.
  9. I am making a horizontal menu that is three levels deep. It works as intended for the first and second levels. However, when you hover over any of the first or second level menus, the third menu items are always displayed. Even more so, all third level menu items that are within the first level menu are displayed (all of the second level submenus). I have not been able to figure out the correct sequence to hide/display the third level menu items. Does anyone know how to fix/correct this, or have alternative ideas on how to go about doing this? *I realize my CSS and html is sloppy, I make it look all pretty and optimize it later, once everything is working as intended (for cross-browser reasons). #menu ul { margin: 0; padding: 0; position:relative; list-style: none; width: 150px; /* Width of Menu Items */ border-bottom-style:solid; border-width:2.3px; border-color:black; padding-left:0px; /*background:url(./images/fillers/vvv.png);*/ } #menu ul li { /* position: relative; */ } #menu li ul { position: absolute; left: 149px; /*Set 1px less than menu width */ top: 0; display: block; } #menu li:hover ul { display: block; } #menu li:hover ul { visibility:visible; } #menu ul ul { visibility:hidden; } /* Fix IE. Hide from IE Mac \*/ * html #menu ul li { float: left; height: 1%; } * html #menu ul li a { height: 1%; } /* End */ /* Make-up syles */ #menu ul, li { margin: 0 0 0 0; } /* Styles for Menu Items */ #menu ul a { display: block; text-decoration: none; color: white; padding: 4px; border: 2.3px solid black; border-bottom: 0; } /* Hover Styles */ #menu ul li:hover, #menu ul li a:focus { background-color:#5a5a5a; color:white; background:url(./images/fillers/vvv.png); } /* Sub Menu Styles */ #menu li ul a { text-decoration: none; color: white; text-align:center; padding: 4px; border: 2.3px solid black; border-bottom: 0; } /* Sub Menu Hover Styles */ #menu li ul a:hover { color: white; } #menu li ul a.noLink:hover, #menu li ul a.noLink, #menu .noLink, #menu li ul .noLink, #menu li a.noLink { color: grey; } /* Icon Styles */ #menu ul a.submenu {background: url("r_arrow.gif") no-repeat right; } #menu ul a.submenu:hover {background: url("r_arrow.gif") no-repeat right;} <div id=menu> <ul id=menuList> <li> <a href="#" name="submenu" class="submenu">Tournaments</a> <ul> <li> <a href="#" name="submenu" class="submenu">2011</a> <ul> <li><a href="#"> 1, 2, 3</a></li> <li><a href="#"> 4, 5, 6</a></li> <li><a href="#"> 7, 8, 9</a></li> <li><a href="#"> 10</a></li> </ul> </li> <li> <a href="#" name="submenu" class="submenu">2012</a> <ul> <li><a href="#">Season 1</a></li> </ul> </li> <li><a class="noLink">2013</a></li> <li><a class="noLink">2014</a></li> </ul> </li> <li><a href="#" name="submenu" class="submenu">---</a> <ul> <li> <a href="#" name="submenu" class="submenu">2011</a> <ul> <li><a href="#">1, 2, 3</a></li> </ul> </li> <li><a class="noLink">2012</a></li> <li><a class="noLink">2013</a></li> <li><a class="noLink">2014</a></li> </ul> </li> <li><a class="noLink" name="submenu" class="submenu">Leagues</a> <ul> <li><a class="noLink">2011</a></li> <li><a class="noLink">2012</a></li> <li><a class="noLink">2013</a></li> <li><a class="noLink">2014</a></li> </ul> </li> <li><a class="noLink" name="submenu" class="submenu">---</a> <ul> <li> <a class="noLink" name="submenu" class="submenu">2011</a> <ul> <li><a class="noLink">---</a></li> </ul> </li> <li><a class="noLink">2012</a></li> <li><a class="noLink">2013</a></li> <li><a class="noLink">2014</a></li> </ul> </li> </ul> </div>
  10. Disagree. It is easier to do complex things on Linux than it is on Windows (and it there will be little to no bugs, problems or complications). Example: Partitioning a hard drive. Example 2: Installing from source code and leaving out certain parts of the program. I can't think of a scientific/statistical example on top of the general user and programmer examples, but I know there is. I think what you meant to say that in the beginning everything feels more complicated. Even though in reality, in the short-term and long-term, the majority of things are easier than Windows (and Macs). I'm about to give a long-winded reply, so skip to the bottom if you want my summary/advice. I always heard how much better Linux was than Windows. How it was a mystical, amazing, and creative wonderland of awesomeness. So I tried it two years ago and it was a disappointment. I then tried it again 7 months ago and I fell in love with it. Here's why. When I first used Linux, it was Ubuntu. Why did I decide to use Linux? Because of all of the hype around it. It sounded fun and a way to get ahead of those who only use Windows. First boot I explored it, saw all of the differences between it and Windows and I was just disappointed. Do I specifically boot into this to do word documents and internet browsing and potentially watch movies/look at pictures? Is that worth the hassle of booting back into Windows to play video games? So I stopped using it. It was an utter failure and it felt like the only people who used Linux were very specific specialized fields and uber nerds who want to be 'different'. I realize now though that the reason for this is that there was no reason at the time for me to use Linux at all. I used a computer to play video games. Not for anything else, especially a key reason why Linux would be largely useful. So speed up the time and I have work to do on the computer. A lot of work in a lot of different fields. Word processing, video rendering, graphic manipulation and animation, web developing, programming, and very little video game playing in comparison to two years ago. I, for some reason, decided to try Fedora out, see if it was different. It was different, but it is still the same Linux experience as Ubuntu. Instead of just exploring, I searched Google for programs pertaining to what work I need to do. I then realize I need to learn a lot about Linux before I try to do anything. Basic OS Computing 101. After the initial week of testing things out, seeing that there was a HUGE amount of variation in the programs I needed to do my work, I started to see the differences, aka, benefits compared to Windows. I started doing my work. And I was doing a lot more of it in a shorter period of time. I was also able to do certain things in one half a second step, instead of spending 10 minutes doing it. And not once did I spent 10 minutes trying to do something that takes half a second in Windows. This is a large reason I stuck with Fedora. Not one single thing has proven to take longer than in Windows. Nothing (yet?). Here's an example: When I render a 720p video, I could have about 4-7 tabs open in any given browser. Beyond that I'd run out of memory and the render would fail, or Windows would become unusable. On Linux however, I could render a 720p video not only faster, but I could also have 3-6 other programs open and be browsing the internet with 15 - 20 tabs open, with no lag, or sign that I was stressing the system. It was amazing and I could do so many more things at once. And each thing, because of the variety of programs and variety of each program, had features that allowed me to increase my productivity a ridiculous amount. I tried to go back to Windows to do some things and everything was slower. In starting, running, operating, closing a program, in navigating through windows explorer, manipulating data...etc. Everything on every level was slower in some way or another. And that is the key word/reason I spoke of before: productivity. If you have nothing to be productive about, then Linux is not for you. If you have a hobby of photography, that is still productive and Linux would benefit you over Windows. If however, you were like me and 90% of your time on the computer was video games, Linux is going to do nothing for you, not yet anyways. Linux boosted my productivity and performance, aside from gaming, in anything from 20% to 150%. I feel like saying Linux isn't for leisure activities, but it can be, depending on what leisure is to you. If all you do is browse the internet, and look at pictures/videos, it doesn't matter which OS you use. If you work, or have work to do, or something that contributes to being productive and that takes up 60% to 80% of your computer usage, you should be using Linux. And in my opinion, gaming on Linux is 'possible' and it is obviously going to gather major support sooner or later. Eventually there will be no reason not to use Linux over Windows. From this, you need to think what you use a computer for. You need to see if Linux is going to benefit your productivity that it merits dualbooting or not using Windows.
  11. Even if this game is bad, or flops entirely, it doesn't matter. The obvious strive for this license/game is for publicity. This is something Jagex can use to get more into the mainstream of not just online gaming, but in the mainstream of the public. Transformers is larger than Runescape or Jagex, and Jagex has pretty much secured a strong future for the next few years. I never see Jagex or Runescape on any gaming news sites, nor on any TV news shows. With this, I've seen Jagex (not Runescape), being plastered all over all of the gaming blogs and gaming news sites. It's only a matter of time for Jagex to start being tossed around in more global and public news sites. In short, very impressive and thoughtout business move by Jagex. Let's hope they capitalize on it and make the best of it they can. Also, Jagex is going to use the Stellar Dawn engine or with the license they got from Hasbro, they got access to some other engine. They're definitely not starting from scratch on this. The two bigs things for Jagex is going to be content and graphics. Which is all doable in the short time they have.
  12. I think you hit the nail on the head. Basically, sell all your items for GP, so you can't lose 'value', even if the market crashes and goes all over the place for the next 6 months. But I think it has a lot more to do with pure GP entering the game through PvP. I think it also has to do with monster drops in relevance to the Free Trade update.
  13. Not really. The FAMAS & Ak74u are used by everyone because they're the easiest to use. If you were to learn to use an AK47, you'd be killing people faster than with the FAMAS. And you'd be killing people past close range faster than with the AK74u. 74u is the best really close but it is easily trumped by the AK47 or Commando after only a short distance. The FAMAS 'may' need a bit more recoil or a rof decrease though. I kind of have the feeling that it isn't suppose to be that easy to use. It kind of makes SMG's useless.
  14. Access to 'Free Trade & Old Wildy' should require 800-1000 total XP for F2P-only accounts, that have never had members. For P2P players, make it 1200-1400. The higher your total level the higher in the wilderness you can go without Revenants spawning and attacking you at random times. Condense the wilderness by half. You'll still have a lot of room to roam around but there won't be areas people never go to. OR make every area...useful. So that you can't go to a spot and it'll be empty. Whether this is through providing the best skilling spots, with bonus XP for the wilderness or whatever. With 100% drops, it is risky but well worth it...to skill or kill the skillers. NO TELEPORTING. Have at least 6 worlds for F2P & 4 for P2P. Remove PvP worlds. Keep BH worlds but limit it from the Monastery to a bit past the river at Edgeville. Limit it from level 10 to the ditch/wall/whatever it is now. The major issues that contributed to a poorly designed PvP experience pre-2007 & the reasons why RWT had it easy can be fixed by the above, while still keeping the Wilderness. In order to allow free trade on these worlds though, that's a bit tougher. If free trade is allowed, even with accounts with 1200 total, these worlds are going to be overcrowded with people merchanting and trying to get better deals on things. It is going to be difficult to determine who is actually RWT and who is price manipulating or merchanting. I'd suggest just implement the Wilderness as I have suggested or in some other fashion, and wait on the whole free trade thing for now. See how it goes and from there consider free trade on these worlds. --- If RWT traders bot their way to 1200, it will be in droves. Hundreds of botters will spring up. They will try to sell their product that they gained leveling to get 1200 total. Obvious solution is to force them to sell the product through the GE on anything gained before 1200 XP from the release of the update. Past 1200 total, you can do whatever you want with whatever you gain from any means (GE or free trade worlds). Also, it shouldn't be too hard to notice which accounts are botting and if there's been 300 or so accounts botting from one regional location..IP banning is not difficult. IP Bans, paypal, other governments...etc. If Jagex can pinpoint people who bought accurately enough that they reset stats, it should not be difficult to design some system that tracks all of the bot accounts. Even if they're not botting, RWT will have accounts banned in time for RWTing. From that you can take their IP or location into consideration and IP block certain acute regions. Or just spam them with random events, lol. Jagex should be able to spot the pattern of bots or RWT training accounts to 1200, then immediately going to bot/collect a certain product or merchant or whatever to RWT with. ----------- Or forget all of the above and make people use their real life credentials to utilize their Runescape accounts. Tying paypal accounts to no more than 3 RS accounts, forcing people to use their RL name, location & ISP info. If people want access to free trade & old wildy, perhaps they will have to submit this information in order to be granted access to the servers that allow ft/old wild. Jagex, good luck and I hope this is a serious consideration that is currently going on. --- OR start designing RS3.
  15. Price manipulation was already possible before the GE. The GE just encourages it a lot more; and for a majority I would say it gives them more 'security' when price manipulating. If the GE were to be taken out, price manipulation would still be around. PM is going to be around forever and it was going to happen eventually with or without the GE, I think everyone is just 'wasting' time with the new skill and when the majority stop toying around with it, we'll see inflation come flying back. It's going to take a lot more than chaotic weapons or degrading items to limit or null inflation. Jagex would have to make every single item in the game degrade or be bind only to stop inflation. They would also have to change how raw materials are used in skills to make end products. Runescape has fallen off of the path of a balanced and proper game. These 'quick fixes' Jagex implement into the game are not solving core issues. Radical change is the only solution by this point. The Grand Exchange & RWT updates were not implemented correctly with Runescape. The game itself, in my opinion, is rejecting the GE and the trade limits. Either the game changes and/or the game itself needs to change. Jagex is also creating other issues with causing a clustermess of issues with combat & skilling. RS3 is their best solution and arguably the only solution to actually cause enough changes to fix the game. At the rate Jagex is going, we're going to have a ridiculous amount of issues we would have never dreamed of by the time we get into 2012 or 2013. These slow, not-quite-drastic enough updates are not helping. Just my opinion. I honestly do not think it matters what Jagex updates or does in the game at this point, it is way too far gone to be fixed.
  16. - Using AVA to win $1k. - Getting all 80 of my pokemon in blue to 100.
  17. This just produces a huge ball of rage inside. Garhhhh. This shouldn't have ever been a problem.
  18. FNFAL, M14 in Hardcore = loltastic. I do think they both need a 'little' increase in their RoF to be usable in non-hardcore games. Or bigger maps.
  19. "Same platform" - Don't expect anything more exciting than turn-based combat! I hope what they meant by 'pushing Stellar Dawn' that they meant they changed the mechanics of the engine a lot (point & click movement, better I/O...etc), so it doesn't feel at all like Runescape's primitive and boring point & click movement, the primitive UI and layout, the terrible binding of keys, better hardware optimizations, and content that doesn't lack depth and intense problem solving. If they're using the same engine, I will be disappointed in any new MMO they release. I also hope I can DL some of these games and play them on my computer as well as online in a browser.
  20. It's not as cut as dry as 'good' and 'bad' "camps". And it isn't shunning people either. Anyone has the ability to 'qualify'. It isn't about being accepted or denied. It's about 'qualifying'. If someone posts in whatever topic or forum to qualify into the 'intelligent boards' but they just joined yesterday, who is it to blame there? They might get mad, but really, do we have to cater towards that? If those who post to get qualified in the qualification form, yet, they obviously do not meet the bare minimum, then that's their own fault. No one is going to shun them for 'not getting in', or being 'denied' as you said. It isn't about being denied or accepted. It's about contributing enough to the community to merit the actual acceptance/entry. Every user still has the same opportunity that you speak of, to grow as a poster. In fact, with a secluded forum, they have a lot more motivation to post regularly, thoughtfully and intelligently. I would be glad to recontribute whatever it is I have contributed to Tip.It since I first joined, in order to qualify for the 'intelligent forum'. It's not an 'elitist' club and everyone has the same opportunity to acquire their access into it. Everyone is still on the same equal footing. If someone has enough forum reputation for not being 'accepted' into the separate forum, why weren't they granted access in the first place? Instead of embarrassment it would most likely turn out to be a harmless joke the person has, which would be solved since the person would be getting 'humiliated' or 'made fun of', which would mean they at least know enough people that an entire charade can go on about them. Users who get declined would be users who aren't involved enough in the community, joined within the last week, or have posted below standard posts, or a combination of these and more. The reasons people would be declined are not reasons in which the community would centre out and 'embarrass' them for. And if this did happen, it would already be infringing the rules and core virtue of Tip.It of being friendly. Without even adding a 'DO NOT BE AN ELITIST' set of rules, you could already warn people or take further action because it would already be breaking the current rules. If the 'rules' for being accepted turned into a status quo ruleset, yes there would be problems as you state. It is very hard to crack down on the subtle "I'm better than you because my posts/join date are X more than yours," yet, it does not get reported as much as it should. Something like someone calling out another dude for getting declined or not accepted would be silly on their part. "Hey you, you didn't get accepted into the intelligent or secluded forum because you joined only 5 days ago; because you only have 40 posts; because of your 40 posts they've all been one liners/pointless/flaming" Why would anyone take out time to insult, or try to prove their superiority over someone for such stupid reasons? These reasons do not mean that someone is less intelligent, it only means they haven't contributed enough to Tip.It. Meanwhile the person causing all of the trouble is going against Tip.It's rules & mindset. They're also fooling themselves into thinking the intelligent or secluded forum is an elitist club. It isn't. Those who think this are going to be easily spotted and removed. Following such guideline concepts as I've posted would in my belief deter any 'forum bashing' or 'forum elitism' from occurring. It would also have the better, honest Tip.It'er reporting the person straight away (which could be considered 'contributing'). The other large component of this is also that it is the Tip.It staff who are mainly responsible for who qualifies and who doesn't. And as long as they stay clear of 'bias' and only look at the quantifiable contributions, there should be no reasons for people to claim they are better than someone else for having access, because they are basically 'new' or are a 'troll'. And do we really care that much about trolls in the first place? As well as the mods also encouraging users to report any signs of elitism or 'superiority posts' would greatly influence people to not post like an elitist, even if it does become tempting. A regular guy would probably gain access though. And to sustain his access he wouldn't be able to act like an elitist. One there's most likely going to be more people without access who want access. So if one person starts to act like an elite, the public community is just going to report that user. Also because the separated forums are PUBLIC and viewable to everyone, also helps to ensure no one is going to cause inside jokes of some kind or something 'only the elite would know'. A combination of proper moderation, along with the concept of 'contributions' as the main driving force, and a large portion of good Tip.It'ers, should make it work. It isn't going to take a lot of work to make sure no one is acting like an elite after the initial week/month. The whole 'elitist' ordeal is something that should be fixed or resolved, so that we can do this secluded forum for those who want to discuss in-depth opinions or updates or issues relating to the game. I have been just browsing the forums for so long that I got logged out and did not notice for two weeks, simply because I couldn't find well thought out content that made me want to post. I have to wonder how many others are in this same situation or would prefer to go to a forum, click on a topic and have a riveting read and be inspired to post their well thought out thoughts on the subject. I don't like wasting 10-15 minutes on a reply, when all I'm going to get is a one liner response or I'm going to have 3-5 people possibly quote me on it but miss the entire point of it or not read all of it. And maybe possibly have 1 person who actually read everything, post a legit argument to it or an agreement to it. If I'm changed anyone else's thoughts on this or if it is time for this to be discussed a lot more deeply in FU&S, I'd encourage others to make a topic and reference these last few posts. I'd post it myself, but I don't want to be a lone ranger. So speak up if you want something different and think it could work. -- Then again this is all for the sake of discussion in the General Discussion forum. The main point of this entire topic was just the general rudeness, coldness or lack of the ability to slow down and smell the roses users have these days. Which isn't saying much since it is exactly the same as it was in 09, 08, 07 and 06. I'm advocating these secluded forums simply because I want those who have it in them to be able to pool their thoughts together and create meaningful discussion. Things that will impact the general mindsets of other users and make them really think about things, without having to read flame, trolls or elites.
  21. I do not think the community is getting too 'large'. I think there's too many people posting to a topic and the current users aren't reading past the first post and just skip to page 5 (or 12). Topics usually run out of steam at 5-7 pages, going beyond that you're going to have 'a few' people debating over the core issues. Everyone else is just around for the ride, or don't read the entire topic and just want to post 'something', but don't want to get too involved. They just want to contribute their own opinion in some unique way but really just want to move on to that next topic. Also, a lot of people might be afraid to post just their actual opinions and do not want to get flamed, so they resort to being a clown. Private forums for 'qualified users' based on quantifiable 'recommendations' in a person's profile. Join date, post quality, posts (small weight), topic #, topic quality, community contribution...etc. Just make a topic and make people nominate themselves with whatever reasons they think are good for them. Have a mod or two go through it every week or two and make people 'qualified'. Make the private forums public, so the general community can read them, they just can't post in there. Make sure it is outlined that bad posting quality will get you removed from the forum. Encourage others to share their posts on relevant topics on the public forums.
  22. At 60 you haven't hit the grindfest/fastest method of leveling.
  23. I disliked the combat system way back in 2007. Game has changed...completely, since then. Even then though, there were quite noticeable 'problems' - So remember this is just from 2007, I don't know if these 'root' problems have risen or have gone away: 1. Melee was overpowered and outclassed every other combat type economically, performance , and practicability wise. Barrows > Init/Prayer pots > Rune > Dragon > Black Dragonhide. Pretty much how it stayed, even if Jagex released armour that was 'better' it did not tackle any of the three 'problems'. They did not change any of these armours to be less better at those three points. Basically Barrows was/is the best armour overall and is also the best economically and practically. It may not have the best performance but it is well past the point it needs its performance to be. Jagex did not lower any of these points to make 'trade-offs' for using Barrows or an advantage but a 'trade-off' for using another armour. There's probably other 'reasons' besides the three listed as to why Barrows is the best armour to use, but can't think of them/aren't obvious enough. 2. Magic & Range were missing 'spells/items' to really make their entire point used in the game (RANGE, distance from enemies) The point of Magic & Range is to be far away from your enemy, so you don't take damage. In return the apparent trade-off is your limited supplies of ammunition. This is fine until you get to the point where Jagex is designing their game so some monsters are not 'blockable', or monsters or boss monsters in general have a ranged type of attack. Jagex is basically removing the two points that make Magic & Range 'viable' and are making them impractical. They may have attempted to fix this or tried to do something else and it indirectly sorta kinda worked with the prayer updates. Still, their whole concept of 'ranged fighting' is practically pointless in Runescape. Crystal Bow = how Jagex should have done almost every single item or in reverse in some fashion. You do not have to buy ammunition, you just have to 'recharge' for the best benefits, and the degradation rate changes. This concept should have been exploited and used elusively as the main 'item system' for Magic/Range. 3. Spells like 'bind' and damage spells, were/are too primitive in their effects, same WITH ANY ARMOUR/ITEM in the game You gather a few of these three runes or so and you cast a spell, the spell does X damage, giving you fixed EXP and X/4 EXP. This should be in a 2D game or a level 1 type of spell. Increasing the damage on this spell from 1-50, still makes it quite 'primitive'. It's only inflicting damage. There is no 'skill' in a randomly chosen number that auto-locks on to the target. There is no strategy. It is boring. Your spell will be exactly the same EVERY single time, doesn't matter where you stand, how you move or what other spells you cast. Boring? Yes. Magic should have damage spells that do only up to 30 damage. They do not need to be higher than that at all. Let the other spells the Magic user has make up for the damage. DAMAGE infliction is not the only combat aspect you can use in a 3D game. You have position, you have movement speed, you have buffs, you have negs, you have 'object creator spells', you have mini-teleport spells, you have a host of things you can do, to make up for damage you shouldn't be inflicting. You may be thinking that's awesome, but what about them being OP? Half of these spells or maybe even 2/3rds would be pointless to cast on a Range user, as most of these spells just limit movement speed or change your position. Melee will be screwed. Range will still be able to compete on par, as long as their armour makes them more vulnerable to non-damage spells but slightly more vulnerable to non-damage spells or 'slower firing rate spells'. You make tugs & pulls between the two, and they'll both stand on even ground, only difference being skill. I would like to one day make an entirely new combat system from scratch and balance the entire thing. Point being Jagex thinks 'damage' is the way to go for exciting fights. THERE IS NO STRATEGY/FUN/TENSE ACTION in a fight that takes 2-3 days to be completed. This all applies to PvP & PvE. Rangers suffer the same ordeal. You shoot an arrow, bolt or knife, and it only inflicts damage or secondary damage. Where are the movement hinders for Melee? Where is the advantage Rangers should slightly have? The entire notion that one class is weaker to another is old and wrong. Each class needs to have 1-4 advantages and 1-4 disadvantages to every other class. Magic would have the advantages of the different kinds of spells I listed and maybe their HP would be lower or maybe their HP/Prayer would be lowered if they used a certain type of spell too many times in a row or in an amount of time, or their Magic level would be drained if they did X or Y. If Magic & Range can stop Melee from moving, the Melee class loses a lot of its OPness. Yet, Range & Magic do not gain an advantage over each other from these 'improvements', unless through SKILL the Magic user knows how to space himself properly or far enough away that the Range user needs to get closer or needs to switch to long range or use a long bow (then they could switch to knives when they're close enough, multi-weapon combat...another aspect not in the game unless you're 1vs1ing below level 5-10). Range could have a lot more AoE types of equipment like different kinds of explosions that release different types of 'gas fields' (removes radar, causes FoV inside the gas to be lessened, causes HP/PRAYER reduction...anything) and the variables to change could be firing speed, type of Range stance, certain types of equipment, that degrade faster/aren't renewable...etc. And Magic would just have Single Effect spells or very few AoE's that aren't quite mained in combat. Melee on the other hand would be left with either a) Getting in close and dealing HEAVY damage (with poison, temporarily stopping the opponent from using spells, slowing down walking speed for a time, slowing down firing speed(range) or b) Dealing fast but weaker damage in exchange for moving fast enough to catch the Magic/Range users if they aren't timing EXACTLY when they need to to bind or stop or hinder the Melee user. The Melee user needs something to combat these disadvantages and that is just pure damage output, speed + less damage, temporary movement/immunity special effects on their 'ENCHANTED' OR 'SPECIAL' types of armour/weapons (NOT POTIONS OR MAGIC). There's a lot you can do if you take what I said into consideration, as well as think of any other combat features that are almost always overlooked, like how armour could play a role in the favour or disadvantage of the classes for the reasons outlined above or any other. 4. The Combat Triangle Flawed Through Armour Armour. There aren't enough trade-offs to using melee armour as a Ranger, or Magic user. There are 0 disdavantages for using Range armour as a Melee. Magic users are 'screwed' over entirely. The combat triangle itself is very primitive in that it is using 'words' or just 'expected classes' as to why Melee's are weaker to Magic users. Why can't a melee player gain armour that protects from certain types of magic spells? If he could, the combat triangle would be completely destroyed. This is what I mean by the combat triangle being primitive. It is pointless. The only triangle should be religion symbols or whatever 'tool' the dwarves make. 5. Classes Prayer should be its own 'combat type'. In that all you would need is Prayer in order to do battle. It would not use the same 'type' of spells as Magic and it would be unique to itself. The Prayer class shouldn't need to dish out anything more than 10-20 damage. It's TRUE potential would lie in dragging fights out for a very long time, so long (10 minutes) that the Melee's armour is getting too weak to inflict the ideal amount of damage that makes it 'ok' for the Melee to stay right up close to the Prayer user. Or the Melee user is running out of sprint and can't keep up with the extremely light Prayer user, without waiting for 5 seconds to 'mad dash with 10% sprint' to catch the prayer user. Or the prayer user is using 'religious spells' which make the 'enchanted' armour useless. Range would run out of ammunition or would come pretty darn close. Magic users would run out of Magic level, HP, or runes. Prayer users basically use endurance/time to their advantage. If they place themselves accordingly they will win through pure strategy & thinking ahead, because they time managed. They will be annoying to 1vs1 but they will be beatable. After the 5-10 minute time, there would be a 'sweet period' where both players would be on equal footing and it would go either way depending on movement, or items/spells used. However, after the break point, the Prayer user will have the longer advantage until they themselves start to lose Prayer or items. A 4-way class system might seem strange but it ADDS to group PvP or group PvE. Instead of a 'healer' you have a 'support' player. If they know how to play well, they will be better than potions or other items, which will save you money long-term in group PvE. In PvP, they can be your bait and switch guy, they can be whoever you want them to be. THIS IS HOW it should be for any class in PvE or PvP. Not a 'support type class' but something that contributes to your group or contributes to your overall earnings or performance. That a class can 'replace' something in your inventory. Or something to that effect or value. Currently, everyone becomes this 'super warrior' and they do not need ANYONE else, they just need them for the damage output. If it weren't for the damage, they would probably be able to do it themselves. 6. Too Many Items Potions. Prayer. Magic. Item bonuses. Armour bonuses. Misc. bonuses. Specials. Different amounts of items for each class for each weapon class. There's at least 10-15 different types of items in each of those categories you could use. There's even overlap between them, which makes items useless. Also, everyone can do each of these things. You do not need someone to specifically do either of these. All you need is money to buy them or friends (which is 'ok' but not in the current situation). Cut it down on the super warrior fetish. Make people use their role more. You could have someone need 90 Herblore to make this potion, but you need 85 magic to enchant it and you need to act within 20-30 seconds of drinking it before it wears off and the potion becomes 'useless'. Totally far off the scale of skills, but extremely needed. Sure, everyone could just get 99s, but you still have those 'distinct' classes mentioned above. Meaning you wouldn't be able to wear all of this armour or be a 'super warrior' through armour. As well, some potions may 'reset' your stats or reduce other boosted stats or reduce stats totally, or this may only apply if you drink your own enchanted potion or you may die if you drink your own potion. There's a lot you could do here. Deserves a post for itself, as well does everything else. Skilling & Combat You need to give item X to Skillers from Combaters. You need to give Combaters item Y to Skillers. = Good economy in RS. There's only two real things to do and they classify into Combat or Skilling. They have to be different and unique, not overlapping at all, but they also need to benefit from each other, almost depending on each other. They both provide raw goods, end products and services to each other. We don't need 30-40+ skills for this, nor do we need some of the useless skills we have now. If a skill can not benefit more than 3-4 other skills, why is it in the game? Combat Levels You only need 3 combat levels. Level 1. Level 2. Level 3. You should be able to change your level. There is no 2.1, or 3.1. Monsters get increasingly difficult at level 3. Monsters are relatively easy at Level 1. You can separate regions into Level 1-3 recommended. You can have the Wilderness separated in 3 regions or mixed or altogether. There is no need for levels 1-120. There is no point in 'leveling', aka, 'grinding'. You should be able to jump in and start doing things. The only thing is getting the items. This might sound like WoW, but it isn't. Items aren't 'bound' to you in this world. They can be dropped, traded or lost. This only applies to combat, not skills. Skills are 'different', but still no levels. There's more to it than this, but I don't have time to go into it. Will edit later...maybe. --- I've got a bit more to get into but I'm out of time. I've read a lot of 'suggestions' for combat and they aren't...'advanced' enough to focus on strategy or fun. They merely focus on damage output or damage as the main method of killing. There's more to it than that. Looking at damage as the main thing is like looking at our galaxy and ignoring the other galaxies in the universe. It isn't IMPORTANT to be the main thing. There's other feature or elements to consider. This is just my opinion and I hope not everyone likes it, but don't post like a 13 year old. - I think I will post a combat suggestion at some point this week, I have most of it written out, so if you like my kind of tea here, look out for it by Saturday.
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