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f2p flip merchanting


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What can I flip merchant to make a decent amount of profit? In f2p only, and I have 1m cash to work with

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Do your own research. There is nothing that we can help you because what mentioned here will soon become worthless of flip merchanting.




Secretry is the key. If everyone does the same item then the supply /demand will change, and basically its value of merchanting is lost




My brother used to earn big by flip merchanting bronze arrows, when GE was first released. He bought them en masse with 4gp ea and sold them for 6gp ea.




But soon everyone followed suit and GE changed so it is no longer viable to merchant like this. He moved on other items.




I suggest you checking the market trend yourself.



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+1 one to the above. However, most items you merchant as such as STABLE items that change their price very little. This usually means ores, bars, or rune armor.

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