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Treasure Trails exact wording

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I believe the crew is still looking for exact wording of clues in order to copy them verbatim into the Riddles section, per posts by crew member pokemama.




In the search, but not the riddles section yet:


[hide=Crates, shed in East Ardougne]searchcratesshedeastard.png[/hide]


[hide=Result of that search, not another clue scroll]searchcratesshedeastardj.png[/hide]






In riddles as "house" and doesn't look like it appears in the search section yet:


[hide=Drawers, building]searchdrawersbuildingar.png[/hide]


[hide=Location for said building]searchdrawersbuildingarq.png[/hide]




The following is one like the "Speak to..." referee clue, but it doesn't appear in the "Speak to..." section and should probably be added there for consistency since the referee clue appears in both the riddles section and the "Speak to..." section:


[hide=Speak to...]ttcluecorrectionspeaksi.png[/hide]


[hide=speaking to Louisa the maid]ttcluecorrectionspeaksij.png[/hide]




When you have made your decisions (crew), please post here to let me know I can delete those pictures from the host. Thanks.






[pokemama edit: these pics are superb and just what we need, the info will be incorporated asap!]

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(edit: d'oh! I had this topic open from last night so I didn't see Wachtwoord's response. :oops:)




1. added by Wachtwoord.




2. is in Search now, might have been added last night by Wachtwoord (lol).




3. Is in the NPC Locations section, with a pic, as follows:


Sinclair mansion's staff (Louisa) [Pic] Sinclair Mansion, north of Catherby




I'll adjust it to Staff of Sinclair Mansion (Louisa) to better match the clue wording.




Because you are a regular contributor, you of course already appear in the Credits. Thanks very much for the pics and for your continued assistance, it is extremely valuable to us and deeply appreciated. <3:


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