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Personally, I place 10 on Raw Fish and 5 on Flax.


I get about 75k profit per day, and collect every 3 days.




However, you can switch it up and use Maple Trees for the Nests. The profit depends on the seeds you get.




99 WC - 12/20/08! =D

99 Defence - 6/19/09! 44,012 to reach it!

Aiming for 2000 Total Lvl!

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I have good results with 9 maples and 6 coal, but you could change the coal to whatever else you wanted. The seeds you can get from MTK with the maples are sometimes worth more than the maples (which I sell in groups of 1000 for 36k-39k) and I wait to sell the coal in large batches, too.




Raw fish and flax are okay, too...I guess.

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Total level: 1936

295/303 Quest Points

Combat Level: 117[/hide]

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SportsGuy's Short Guide to Ghostly Warriors

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