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^Eagle's Blog - Tri 99 Summer Goal^

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-About Me


[hide=RuneScape Stuff]-I started playing RuneScape in August of 03. Which, if you look at my stats, is pretty pathetic


-I got 99 WoodCutting on August 15th, 2008. It's currently my only 99


-I also have a Quest cape


-I'm currently going for 3 99s. Hoping to get them over the summer.[/hide]




[hide=99 Trifecta]So I decided to kick off this summer with a goal of 3 99s. But Trifecta sounds cooler, so yeah. Fishing, firemaking, and hunter are the three I'm going for. My WoodCutting cape's kinda lonely. ::'






Eagledude81.png[/hide][hide=Other Goals]I accomplished my goal of getting 60+ in every stat before this blog, so I won't include that. But here's my goal for 1900 total. Got a bit to go.




And also my goal for being in the top 50,000 RS players.






[hide=Level-Ups]Blog's new, so I don't have any yet. Check in later. ;)[/hide][hide=Drops][/hide][hide=Clues][/hide]



99 WoodCutting Achieved 7/15/08

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Good luck with those 99s :)


99 Woodcutting 09/12/08 - 99 Cooking 13/01/09 - 99 Fletching 20/04/09 - 2,713th to 99 Construction 14/09/09


New summon monster. You get 99 summon and complete a hard quest to gain the ability to summon Jesus, who splits the waters allowing you to walk to a new port town where you unlock the sailing skill. Obviously ;)


That was Moses you idiot.


That gets fixed in the bugfix the following week. Maybe.

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