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Yes, you will just get more screenie-worthy results.




I recommend putting 10 on raw fish and 5 on flax, I only put the workers on coal because Seer's diary had just been released when I was about to go f2p and I didn't know what would happen with flax prices.

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what is mtk? im confused? and how do u get started and how does it work?


Complete the quest (throne of miscelliana) to unlock the ability to keep your approval high so you get resources from your subjects and get cash (the best sure-fire way with this is to put 750k in at 100% approval, and keep it at that until the money runs out. After that you'll have a nice pile of items to sell).

Many believe that the 1980 eruption of Mt. Saint Helens was a catostrophic geological event, in reality it was the day that Jimi Hendrix returned to Earth from the next world and actually stood up next to a mountain and chopped it down with the edge of his hand.

-Random Youtuber

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^ Don't even let the money run out. I would suggest putting around 1.5M in and always keeping it above 750k for maximum profit. There's also another quest (Royal Trouble) that grants you access to an additional 5 workers.

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