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aviansie tanking


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I have a decent amount of experience at aviansie, prayer and tanking method but I have been considering a new option as my stats improved.




If I got my defense to 85 and noting that I will have enchanted excalibur and bunyips, would it be possible to tank aviansie using full void and a dfs?




Secondly, what items would I wear to grant protection from armadyl and zamorak followers?




Finally, is tanking in full void more effective then tanking in regular tanking gear for aviansie?




edit--range level 89


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The def of void isn't that high for you to be tanking, so no, I wouldn't use it unless you had a pony. Just go with normal tank gear+bunyip.

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Well since you want to use Void + DFS youre going to have a choice. You can either be annoyed by running arounf picking up bolts and wear a God Cloak + arma Pendant or you could just forget about the Zammy Item and wear Accumulator + Arma Pendant. I am currently writing a guide for Players with 90+ Ranged and Def tanking at Armadyl, soon as im done you might want to give it a look.



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