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Green Dragons VS Blue dragons.


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Hey, I was doing avaniese yesterday and made 1m and gain 150k exp in range, in about 3-4 hrs. I think that is kinda slow. So, I was wondering of green or blue dragons would be better money/exp.




Here are some facts that I digged out, lets see what you think.




Green Dragons: Wildy, crowed, revs


1k kill = 300k exp and 4m




Blue Dragons: Travlery ( crowed ) Or watchtower ( not very )


1k kill = 420k exp and 4.5m




How long do you think 1k kill will take me? Stats in Sig.








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You take longer to kill blue dragon so greens ftw ::'

Hey Nicrune007 , Whats Your Username?


99 Ranged on 2/6/07 99 Hit Points on 9/5/08 99 Defense on 26/4/08 99 Attack on 14/2/09 99 Strength on 25/2/09 99 Slayer on 13/9/09\:D/

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