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dragon arrows


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I can't give you a damage chart, but with high range and high range bonus, rushing with a dark bow would be very effective.
would my range be high enough?




I immediately run when I see a guy in full void with a d bow of my level :<
and your level is...?



Verac- Helm, Brassard x 2,

Torag- Body, Hammers

Karil- Crossbow

Guthan- Body

Ahrim- Hood, Staff

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would a d bow with dragon arrows be good to rush with? and if anyone could give me a damage table for d bow with dragon arrows that would be nice




Hits up to 50% harder, with a minimum of 8 damage per arrow. Neither arrow will miss. (from tip.it guide)


chance of hitting 50% harder + atleast 16 damage sounds pretty good to me for rushing :) as your cb level is 99 is guess there should be many lower leveled players you can hit for very high damage easy ;)




but you are screwed if you fail and only hit 16 damage on some high leveled guy xD




I immediately run when I see a guy in full void with a d bow of my level :<




that's the only thing you should do :P



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I laugh very hard and then send whoever rushes me with Dark bow back to PC.




Misc: Abyssal Whip x28 , Dark Bow x5, Beserker Ring x3, Warrior ring x1

Dragon: Dragon Platelegs x2 , Dragon Plateskirt x2, Dragon Boots x38, Dragon Med Helm x4, Shield left half x3

Godwars: Godsword shard x13, Bandos Hilt x3, Bandos Chestplate x6, Bandos Tassets x4, Bandos Boots x5, Saradomin Sword x1, Zamorakian Spear x1,. Armadyl Helm x2, Armadyl chestplate x2.

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