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I reached jad now im freaking nervous


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Ok this is it.. Ive reached jad with 3 super restores (4), 1 super restore (3), 2 sara brews (4) and 1 ranging pot (3)




I have:




72 ranged


55 prayer


potted to 90 hp


74 def




I have 3 questions before I continuoe again:




1. Should I use eagle eye?


2. Should I put on auto retaliate?


3. Should I use rapid or accurate?


4. If the healers come, should I use steelskin + eagle eye + mage/range prayer?

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1.Yes. Use 10% at the VERY least, but you have more than enough restores for 15%.




2. I think so. Not too sure on if it's a good thing when the healers come.




3. Rapid.




4. With your restores, I would use steel skin, yes. Don't priortise it, if you're having trouble with pray switching, don't stress yourself out with pulling the healers off AND turning on steel skin. Turn the prayer on when your comfortable.




Remember that pressing F4/F6 rapidly switches from prayer list and inventory, it's valuable to use at jad (don't use it if you're uncomfortable with it). Good luck!


A Draconic Guide V1.4, Fimer - Multi-Timer Farming Timer V3.

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